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Skylanders Giants Character Guide

Earth Element Characters From Spyro's Adventure

by Neal Ronaghan - October 18, 2012, 10:02 am PDT

Check out info on Prism Break, Bash, Terrafin, and Dino-Rang.

Prism Break
Type: Earth
How to get: Individual, 3-Pack (w/ Boomer and Voodood), Individual (Series 2)
Variations: LightCore Prism Break (Series 2)

Prism Break looks like he should be a physical powerhouse, but he's really not. Using a combination of summoned crystal shards and an energy beam, he shoots off a beam that ricochets around in crazy fashion, damaging enemies. His only effective close range attack involves him summoning crystals to come out of the ground around him. 

  • Starting Abilities
  • Energy Beam (A button; Fire an energy beam)
  • Summon Crystal Shard (B button; summon crystal shards to damage enemies and refract Energy Beams)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • Super Crystal Shard (Crystal Shards do more damage)
  • Crystal Eruption (Z button; Summon ring of crystals around you)
  • Emerald Energy Beam (Energy Beam does more damage)
  • Chained Refractions (Energy Beams split again when they pass through a second Crystal Shard)

  • Crystaleer Path
  • Massice Crystal Eruption (Crystal Eruption does more damage)
  • Triple Crystal Shard (Summon three Crystal Shards at once)
  • Crystalline Armor (Ups defense)

  • Prismancer Path
  • Golden Diamond Energy Beam (Energy Beam does more damage)
  • Triple Refracted Beam (Energy Beam splits into three beams when refracted)
  • Focused Energy (Energy Beam has more range)

  • Soul Gem Ability: Shard Soul Prison (Crystal Shards form at defeated enemies; found in Crystal Eye Castle)

Type: Earth
How to get: Individual, 3-Pack (w/ Eruptor and Chop Chop), Legendary 3-Pack (w/ L. Chop Chop, L. Spyro)
Variations: Legendary Bash, Iridescent Blue Bash (Toys R Us Exclusive)

Bash is a dragon who likes to roll around and damage things. He also has a big tail that he uses for whipping enemies. He does other stuff with rocks. His tail has a spiked ball at the end. It's pretty cool.

  • Starting Abilities
  • Tail Swipe (A button; swings tail in full 360 degree arc)
  • Rock and Roll (B button; rolls around in ball form attacking enemies)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • Tennis Tail (deflect projectiles with Tail Swipe)
  • Iron Tail (Tail Swipe does more damage)
  • Summoning: Stone Protection (Summons rock walls; use Tail Swipe to launch rocks from them)
  • Double Roll (Roll lasts twice as long)

  • Granite Dragon Path
  • Mace of Destruction (Tail Swipe does more damage)
  • Summoning: Stone Uppercut (Stone Protection does more damage)
  • Gaia Hammer (Charge ability added to Tail Swipe)

  • Pulver Dragon Path
  • Pulver Roll (Roll does more damage)
  • Earthen Force Roll (Roll does more damage; ignores enemy attacks)
  • Continental Boulder (Roll increases Bash's size)

  • Soul Gem Ability: Triceratops Honor Guard (Ups defense; found in Stonetown)

Type: Earth
How to get: Pirate Seas Adventure Pack, Individual (Series 2)
Variations: Series 2

Terrafin rejects his assumed Water heritage for the Earth element. He comes from the Dirt Seas, where he swam in dirt, doing dirty things as a dirt shark. He's a monster in battle, though, with devastating punches and bellyflops. He even has mini-sharks that eat enemies.

  • Starting Abilities
  • Punch (A button; duh)
  • Earthswim (B button; Burrow underground and then emerge to do a bellyflop)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • Brass Knuckles (Punch does more damage)
  • Mega Bellyflop (Bellyflop does more damage)
  • Feeding Frenzy (Z button; spawns mini-sharks that burrow and latch onto enemies)
  • Multi Target Punches (Punches hit more enemies)

  • Sandhog Path
  • Master Earth Swimmer (increased speed while burrowing)
  • Homing Frenzy (Mini-sharks do more damage)
  • Razorfin (Fin does damage while burrowing)

  • Brawler Path
  • Pugilist (Improves Punch combos)
  • Spiked Knuckles (Punch does more damage)
  • Frenzy Shield (Launch mini-sharks at enemies)

  • Soul Gem Ability: Surface Feeder (Collect power-ups underground; found in Pirate Seas)

  • Wow Pow Ability (Only Available in Series 2 Figures): Dive Burrow (While in the air for a bellyflop, press the B button to dive back underground)

Type: Earth
How to get: Individual (Wave 2), 3-Pack (w/ Zap and Hex)
Variations: Silver Dino-Rang

Dino-Rang appears to be a Skylanders made for Nintendo World Report's dinosaur-loving staffer Zach Miller. He is a dinosaur who throws boomerangs, and likes bringing dino-justice to ne'er-do-wells. Do you think dino-justice could be a legal term?

  • Starting Abilities
  • Stone Boomerangs (A button; throw boomerangs)
  • Boomerang Shield (B button; throw boomerangs around self in a circle)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • Basalt Boomerangs (Boomerangs do more damage)
  • Boomerang Finesse (Control boomerangs in the air)
  • Stonefist Traps (Z button; Summon two rock traps from the ground)
  • Dervish Shield (Boomerang Shield does more damage, blocks projectiles)

  • Grand Boomerang Master Path
  • Volcanic Glass Boomerangs (Boomerangs do more damage)
  • Dancing Boomerangs (Boomerangs bounce off of walls)
  • It's All in the Wrist (Boomerang Shield lasts longer)

  • Earthen Avenger Path
  • Quad Stonefist Trap (Summon four Stonefist Traps)
  • Obsidian Armor (Ups defense)
  • Fist Trap Funeral (Enemies defeated by boomerangs spawn Stonefist Traps)

  • Soul Gem Ability: Sticky Boomerangs (Boomerangs pick up treasure, food, power-ups; found in Dark Water Cove)


geoOctober 18, 2012

Holy RSS feed batman.  I got like 20 new news stories because of this! -_-;

CericOctober 18, 2012

Hey Neal is there anyway I could get a checklist of the one that will out on this wave?

Quote from: Ceric

Hey Neal is there anyway I could get a checklist of the one that will out on this wave?

That's a great idea. I'll see what I can do.

Honestly? I'm not even totally sure what will be out on Sunday. There seems to have been a lot of late shuffling.

CericOctober 18, 2012

Quote from: NWR_Neal

Quote from: Ceric

Hey Neal is there anyway I could get a checklist of the one that will out on this wave?

That's a great idea. I'll see what I can do.

Honestly? I'm not even totally sure what will be out on Sunday. There seems to have been a lot of late shuffling.

Thanks.  I could really use a list for Sunday Morning.  I'll probably hold off on the Series 1 Variants and just go for the new ones.

Ron POctober 22, 2012

At Walmart I found:

Tree-Rex (Starter Kit)
Fright Rider
Shroomboom in a 3 pack with cannon
Pop Fizz

Toys R Us I found
Jet Vac (single pack not the starter kit)
Hot Head

Ron POctober 22, 2012

Wonder what is scheduled for Wave 3 or a Wave 3 release date in the US

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