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Skylanders Giants Character Guide

Tech Element Characters From Spyro's Adventure

by Neal Ronaghan - October 18, 2012, 9:59 am EDT

Check here for details on Trigger Happy, Boomer, Drobot, and Drill Sergeant.

 Trigger Happy
Type: Tech
How to get: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Wii Starter Pack, 3-Pack (Series 2 w/ Pop Fizz and Whirlwind)
Variations: Legendary Trigger Happy (Toys R Us Exclusive), Series 2 Trigger Happy

Trigger Happy, a weird gremlin-looking thing with two guns (might I recommend putting the cowboy hat on him for maximum western-ness), has a large tongue and explosive attacks. He uses his two guns to fire off bullets at foes, but he can also drop golden money (first a safe, but then upgrading to a pot of gold) that blows up.

  • Starting Abilities
  • Golden Pistols (A button; shoots gold coins out of two giant guns)
  • Lob Golden Safe (B button; throw explosive golden safe)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • Golden Super Charge (charge up gun to fire a more damaging bullet)
  • Pot O' Gold (throw a Pot of Gold instead of a safe, doing more damage)
  • Golden Mega Charge (charge up gun even more to do more damage)
  • Golden Machine Gun (Z button; use a turret gun to mow down enemies)

  • Golden Frenzy Path
  • Happiness Is A Golden Gun (gun does more damage)
  • Bouncing Bullets (bullets bounce off walls)
  • Golden Yamato Blast (increased charge attack damage)

  • Golden Money Path: Just Throwing Money Away (longer range for Pot O' Gold)
  • Coinsplosion (increase damage area for Pot O' Gold)
  • Heads or Tails (toss a coin to do more damage; heads does most damage)

  • Soul Gem Ability: Infinite Ammo (machine gun has unlimited ammo; found in Cadaverous Crypt

  • Wow Pow Ability (Only Available in Series 2 Figures): MegaBlast! (While using the mini-gun, press A for a huge shot)

  • 3DS Abilities: Cha-Ching (starting; shoots gun), Money Minigun (starting; shoots minigun), Coin Flip (level 3; shoots coins at enemies), Rising Interest (level 6; double jump fires off coins), Stored Value (level 9; charge up to fire a barrage of coins), Mystic Seeker Scroll (20% health bonus; found in Galecrack Castle)

How to get: Individual, 3-Pack (w/ Prism Break and Voodood)
Variations: Silver Boomer

Boomer is a troll who smashes things and throws dynamite. Is that enough? No? Okay. His arms are made of metal, making his smashes more deadly. He also doesn't like sheep. Fortunately, you routinely come across defenseless sheep in levels.

  • Starting Abilities
  • Dynamite Toss (A button; throw dynamite)
  • Troll Smash (B button; smash the ground to knock back enemies)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • Dynamite Fuse Fake-Out (dynamite does more damage; can delay the explosion)
  • Bash Smash (Troll Smash does more damage and knockback)
  • Troll Bomb (Z button; drop a large bomb)
  • Triple Bundle Dynamite (dynamite does more damage)

  • Demolition Troll Path
  • Bomblastic (Troll Bombs have bigger blast radius and do more damage)
  • Troll Bombs Away (six active Troll Bombs at one time)
  • An Accident Waiting to Happen (throw three extra sticks of dynamite)

  • Clobber Troll Path
  • Havoc Smash (smash does more damage)
  • Stupification (smash stuns enemies)
  • Megaton Charged Super Smash (adds a charge to the smash attack that does more damage)

  • Soul Gem Ability: Troll Bomb Boot (troll bomb can be kicked; found in Oilspill Island)

  • 3DS Abilities: Dynamite Lob (starting; toss dynamite), Blast Radius (starting; blow up surrounding area), ??? (level 3), ??? (level 6), ??? (level 9), Mystic Seeker Scroll (???; found in Whipwind Mountains)

Type: Tech
How to get: Individual, 3-Pack (w/ Flameslinger and Stump Smash)
Variations: Series 2 LightCore Drobot

Drobot is a cyborg dragon with two different primary abilities. First, he's got lasers. Second, he's got projectile gears. Drobot also has the ability to fly, which makes him a nice fit for the 3DS version since he can glide.

  • Starting Abilities
  • Mega Blasters (A button; shoot eye lasers)
  • Tactical Bladegears (B button; shoot spinning blades that bounce off walls and hurt enemies)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • Thruster Flight (Drobot can fly!)
  • Galvanized Bladegears (bladegears do more damage)
  • Axon Foxus Crystals (Mega Blasters do more damage)
  • Hover Mode (Z button; allows Drobot to hover)

  • Master Blaster Path
  • Dendrite Focus Crystals (Mega Blasters do more damage)
  • Antimatter Charges (Mega Blasters explode on contact, doing radial damage)
  • Quadratic Blasters (shoots lasers out of your wings as well as your eyes)

  • Clockwork Dragon Path
  • Depleted Uranium Bladegears (bladegears do more damage)
  • Explosive Bladegears (bladegears explode on contact, doing radial damage)
  • Tri-Spread Bladegears (shoot three bladegears at one time)

  • Soul Gem Ability: Afterburners (fly faster and leave a damaging trail of flames; found in Battlefield)

  • 3DS Abilities: Pulse Lasers (starting; fire twin lasers), Sprocket Launch (starting; shoot two sprockets to stun enemies), Wingtip Wrath (level 3; wings fire lasers), Afterburner (level 6; sprinting leaves a trail of flames behind Drobot, increasing speed when damage is done), Sprocket Lock (level 9; charge to fire three sprockets at once that do more damage); Mystic Seeker Scroll (20% bonus to health; found in Daystar Temple)

Drill Sergeant
Type: Tech
How to get: Single, 3-Pack (w/ Whirlwind and Double Trouble)
Variations: Gold Drill Sergeant, Red Drill Sergeant (Wal-Mart Exclusive), Series 2 Drill Sergeant

Drill Sergeant is a train-like robot who drills things. His drills can also be fired at enemies. His official catchphrase is "Licensed to Drill," which is only a few steps below "Licensed to Ill" as far as James Bond puns go.

  • Starting Abilities
  • Drill Rocket (A button; shoot homing rockets)
  • Bulldoze Charge (B button; a forward charge)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • A Speedy Recovery (Drill Rocket reloads quicker and does more damage)
  • Dozer Endurance (Bulldoze Charge lasts longer)
  • Power Charge (Bulldoze Charge does more damage)
  • Auto-Blaster (Z button; a laser that locks-on to nearby enemies)

  • Drill Rocket Path
  • A View to Drill (increase Drill Rocket damage)
  • DX300-Drill Detonator (drills explode on impact)
  • MIRV Drill Rockets (Drill Rockets explode into smaller rockets)

  • Megadozer Path
  • Speed Dozer Boost (increase speed during Bulldoze Charge)
  • Hail Storm (Auto-Blaster fires faster and doesn't run out of juice)
  • Mega Dozer (Bulldoze Charge does more damage)

  • Soul Gem Ability: Arkeyan Armor (increase health; found in Battlefield)

  • 3DS Abilities: Drillblaster (starting; fires a drill), Pulse Cannon (starting; cannon that slows down with heavy use), Drillbeat (level 4; drill melee attack), Stun Shot (level 7; Pulse Cannon occasionally fires a blue pulse that stuns), Spin Up (level 9; sprint into enemies to increase drill size and damage), Mystic Seeker Scroll (20% damage bonus; found in Sunblight Wood)


geoOctober 18, 2012

Holy RSS feed batman.  I got like 20 new news stories because of this! -_-;

CericOctober 18, 2012

Hey Neal is there anyway I could get a checklist of the one that will out on this wave?

Quote from: Ceric

Hey Neal is there anyway I could get a checklist of the one that will out on this wave?

That's a great idea. I'll see what I can do.

Honestly? I'm not even totally sure what will be out on Sunday. There seems to have been a lot of late shuffling.

CericOctober 18, 2012

Quote from: NWR_Neal

Quote from: Ceric

Hey Neal is there anyway I could get a checklist of the one that will out on this wave?

That's a great idea. I'll see what I can do.

Honestly? I'm not even totally sure what will be out on Sunday. There seems to have been a lot of late shuffling.

Thanks.  I could really use a list for Sunday Morning.  I'll probably hold off on the Series 1 Variants and just go for the new ones.

Ron POctober 22, 2012

At Walmart I found:

Tree-Rex (Starter Kit)
Fright Rider
Shroomboom in a 3 pack with cannon
Pop Fizz

Toys R Us I found
Jet Vac (single pack not the starter kit)
Hot Head

Ron POctober 22, 2012

Wonder what is scheduled for Wave 3 or a Wave 3 release date in the US

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