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Skylanders Giants Character Guide

Life Element Characters From Spyro's Adventure

by Neal Ronaghan - October 18, 2012, 10:01 am PDT

Check out info on Stealth Elf, Stump Smash, Zook, and Camo.

Stealth Elf
Type: Life
How to get: 3DS Starter Pack, Individual, 3-Pack (w/ Sonic Boom and Wrecking Ball)
Variations: Crystal Stealth Elf, Legendary Stealth Elf

Stealth Elf is a shadowy character who uses blades and stealth to get by. Her primary attack is using her two blades to melee opponents. She also has a Stealth ability where she leaves a duplicate of herself to distract enemies, allowing you to sneak around and get the drop on them.

  • Starting Abilities
  • Blade Slash (A button; blade melee attack)
  • Stealthier Decoy (B button; drop a decoy and then move around in secret)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • Straw Pook Scarecrow (decoy becomes a scarecrow)
  • Dragonfang Dagger (blades do more damage)
  • Sturdy Scarecrow (scarecrow lasts longer)
  • Arboreal Acrobatics (Z button; nimbly move around with a touch of a button)

  • Pook Blade Saint Path
  • Elf Jitsu (combo attacks that either do an attack flurry or release poison gas)
  • Elven Sunblade (blades do more damage)
  • Shadowsbane Blade Dance (magical blades help you)

  • Forest Ninja Path
  • Scare-crio Trio (three scarecrows instead of one)
  • Scarecrow Booby Trap (scarecrows explode when attacked)
  • Scarecrow Spin Slicer (scarecrows wield axes to do more damage)

  • Soul Gem Ability: Sylvan Regeneration (regenerate health; found in Falling Forest)

  • 3DS Abilities: Dagger Dance (starting; blade attack), Thorn Throw (starting; throw thorns at enemies), Sneaky Decoy (level 2; become transparent, and then when you're hit, you drop a stunning decoy), Stun Run (level 5; become transparent, and then emerge from the shadows do a blade attack), Thorn Storm (level 8; throw rapid-fire thorns), Mystic Seeker Scroll (20% health bonus; found in Ashburrow)

Stump Smash
Type: Life
How to get: Individual, 3-Pack (w/ Flameslinger and Drobot)
Variations: Flocked Stump Smash

Tree monsters sound totally scary, but Stump Smash is a benevolent good-natured one. He's got two giant mallets for hands and he can spit out acorns on cue. The latter sounds like it could be a cheap parlor trick, but it helps him fend off enemies.

  • Starting Abilities
  • Pulverize (A button; smash with mallet hand)
  • When Acorns Attack (B button; spit acorns to slow enemies down)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • Petrified Pummel (Pulverize does more damage)
  • Spiny Acorns (Acorns do more damage)
  • Meganut (Z button; creates land-mine-ish nut)
  • Thornbark (when hit, thorns damage nearby enemies)

  • Smash 'N' Bash Path
  • Stump Crusher Combos (Pulverize combo attack)
  • Acorn Croquet (Send Meganuts flying at enemies)
  • Smash Meganut (detonate Meganut for area damage)

  • Nut Crafter Path
  • Pollen Plume (Acorns explode, making plants grow on enemies)
  • Meganut Propagation (Meganuts burst into acorns)
  • Double Nut (spit two Acorns at once)

  • Soul Gem Ability: Waterlogged (float and regain health in water; found in Perilous Pastures)

Type: Life
How to get: Individual, Individual (Series 2), 3-Pack (w/ Lightning Rod and Cynder), 3-Pack (w/ Ignitor and Chill)
Variations: Series 2, Rock Zook (Series 2)

Zook is a rastafarian plant fellow with a giant bazooka. The totally organic bamboo tube he uses as a weapon is emboldened by the haikus he spits out on occasion. That's not really an ability; he just apparently likes poetry.

  • Starting Abilities
  • Bazooka Attack (A button; fires bazooka, can be held down to create explosive shrapnel)
  • Foliage Barrier (B button; grow a plant barrier)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • Hardwood Shells (Bazooka Attack does more damage)
  • Fungal Bloom (Barrier is stronger)
  • Mortar Bomb (Z button; launches a mortar attack)
  • Full Splinter Jacket (Bazooka Attack creates more shrapnel)

  • Artilleryman Path
  • High Velocity Shrapnel (Bazooka shrapnel range increased)
  • Old Growth Bazooka (Bazooka Attack does more damage)
  • Exploding Shrapnel (Bazooka shrapnel explodes on contact)

  • Floral Defender Path
  • Cactus Barrier (barrier does damage to enemies)
  • Mortar of Life (Mortar grows a cactus where it explodes)
  • Fightin' Foliage (Barriers and Cacti do damage)

  • Soul Gem Ability: MIRV Mortar (Mortar shells explode into three; found in Troll Warehouse)

  • Wow Pow Ability (Only Available in Series 2 Figures): Target Lock (Hold Z button to bring up a target reticule and press A to hit the target)

Type: Life
How to get: Individual, 3-Pack (w/ Warnado and Ignitor)
Variations: None

Camo the plant dragon deals mainly in plants and fruit. With his leafy tail and sun-enabled projectiles, he takes on enemies. Upgrade him enough and he even launches watermelons.

  • Starting Abilities
  • Sun Burst (A button; shoot balls of concentrated sun)
  • Firecracker Vines (B buttons; summons vines that rise from the ground, hurting enemies)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • Searing Sun Blast (increases Sun Burst damage)
  • Melon Fountain (Z button; shoots out melons)
  • Firecracker Food (Firecracker Vines do more damage)
  • Vigorous Vines (Firecracker Vines more faster)

  • Vine Virtuoso Path
  • Martial Bounty (Firecracker Vines create exploding melons)
  • Peppers of Potency (Vines do more damage)
  • Proliferation (Create two Vines at once)

  • Melon Master Path
  • Ring of Might (Melon Fountain fires more melons)
  • Melon GMO (Melons do more damage)
  • Melon Fortress (Use melons are shield, fire more melons)

  • Soul Gem Ability: Orbiting Sun Shield (create a shield; found in Goo Factory)


geoOctober 18, 2012

Holy RSS feed batman.  I got like 20 new news stories because of this! -_-;

CericOctober 18, 2012

Hey Neal is there anyway I could get a checklist of the one that will out on this wave?

Quote from: Ceric

Hey Neal is there anyway I could get a checklist of the one that will out on this wave?

That's a great idea. I'll see what I can do.

Honestly? I'm not even totally sure what will be out on Sunday. There seems to have been a lot of late shuffling.

CericOctober 18, 2012

Quote from: NWR_Neal

Quote from: Ceric

Hey Neal is there anyway I could get a checklist of the one that will out on this wave?

That's a great idea. I'll see what I can do.

Honestly? I'm not even totally sure what will be out on Sunday. There seems to have been a lot of late shuffling.

Thanks.  I could really use a list for Sunday Morning.  I'll probably hold off on the Series 1 Variants and just go for the new ones.

Ron POctober 22, 2012

At Walmart I found:

Tree-Rex (Starter Kit)
Fright Rider
Shroomboom in a 3 pack with cannon
Pop Fizz

Toys R Us I found
Jet Vac (single pack not the starter kit)
Hot Head

Ron POctober 22, 2012

Wonder what is scheduled for Wave 3 or a Wave 3 release date in the US

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