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Skylanders Giants Character Guide

Fire Element Characters From Spyro's Adventure

by Neal Ronaghan - October 18, 2012, 10:00 am EDT

Check here for info on Ignitor, Eruptor, Flameslinger, and Sunburn.

Type: Fire
How to get: Spyro's Adventure 3DS Starter Pack, Individual, 3-Pack (w/ Camo and Warnado), 3-Pack (Series 2 w/ Chill and Zook), Legendary 3-Pack (Series 2 w/ Legendary Slam Bam and Legendary Jet-Vac)
Variations: Series 2, Legendary (Series 2)

Ignitor is a  fire spirit trapped in a suit of armor. Using his giant fire blade, he fends off enemies. He can also launch his fiery spirit outside of his body and then damage enemies that way, too.

  • Starting Abilities
  • Flame Blade (A button; sword attack)
  • Flame Form Mortar (B button; launch spirit out of body in an arc)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • Scorching Blade (increase sword damage)
  • Flame Form (control spirit after launching)
  • Mega Slam (Z button; perform slam sword attack)
  • Fire and Brimstone (increases damage and range for Flame Form Mortar) 

  • Soul of the Flame Path
  • Dances with Fire (Flame Form moves faster, does more damage)
  • Incinerate (Flame Form triggers massive explosion)
  • Fire Form Salvo (adds two more Flame Form Mortars that do more damage)

  • Blademaster Path
  • Order of the Burning Blade (triggers a Fiery Burst)
  • Double Mega Slam (charge Mega Slam for more damage)
  • Inferno Blade (Swords increases in length; does more damage)

  • Soul Gem Ability: Fire Forged Armor (make Ignitor harder to hit; found in Dark Water Cove)

  • Wow Pow Ability (Only Available in Series 2 Figures): Blue Flame! (Leave trail of blue fire after a Mega Slam or while in Flame Form)

  • 3DS Abilities: Burning Blade (starting; sword attack), Fire Spirit (starting; Launch fire spirit, attacks nearby enemies), Spirit Explosion (level 4; Spirit explodes when finished), Blue Flame Sheath (level 7; sprint to increase attack and speed), Blade Spin (level 10; adds combo to sword attacks), Mystic Seeker Scroll (20% speed bonus; found in Towersight Fields)

How to get: Individual, 3-Pack (w/ Chop Chop and Bash), Individual (Series 2)
Variations: Silver Eruptor, Series 2 LightCore

Eruptor burps out molten lava occasionally, which is kind of awesome. Even without that ability, which can be honed to fire projectiles, he can still lob lava at foes and also straight up erupt into a pile of lava, totally melting everyone around him. Did I mention he burps? It's adorable.

  • Starting Abilities
  • Lava Lob (A button; throws lava balls)
  • Eruption (B button; explodes into a circular pool of lava, damaging nearby enemies)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • Big Blog Lava Throw (Lava Lob increases in size and does more damage)
  • Fiery Remains (Lava Lob leaves behind a pool of flames on the ground)
  • Eruption-Flying Tephra (lava balls shoot out while using Eruption)
  • Magma Ball (Z button; shoot our magma projectiles)

  • Magmantor Path
  • Heavy Duty Plasma (Lava Lobs bounce and travel more)
  • Lava Blob Bomb (Lava Lobs explode, damaging surrounding enemies)
  • Beasts of Conflagration (Lava Lobs turn into a fiery beast, do more damage)

  • Volcanor Path
  • Quick Eruption (decreases time to perform Eruption)
  • Pyroxysmal Super Eruption (Eruption does more damage)
  • Revenge of Prometheus (Eurption causes small volcanoes to form)

  • Soul Gem Ability: Mega Magma Balls (shoot 3 Magma Balls at once; found in Lava Lakes Railway)

Type: Fire
How to get: Individual, 3-Pack (w/ Drobot and Stump Smash), Individual (Series 2; Amazon Exclusive)
Variations: Gold Flameslinger, Series 2 Gold Flameslinger (Amazon Exclusive)

Flameslinger is a cocky archer that wears a blindfold because, you know, when you're that good, you need to make things fair. This Elf uses fire to his advantage, shooting off flaming arrows, dash around in flames, and just all around using flames and fire to annoy people.

  • Starting Abilities
  • Fire Arrow (A button; shoot flaming arrows)
  • Flame Dash (B button; Dash, leaving flames behind you)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • Searing Arrow (Increase Fire Arrow damage)
  • Column of Fire (Run circles around enemies using Flame Dash and create columns of fire)
  • Volley Shot (Z button; flaming arrows fall down onto opponents)
  • Hyper Shot (shoot Fire Arrows faster)

  • Marksman Path
  • Hellfire Arrows (Fire Arrows and Volley Shot do more damage)
  • Explosive Arrows (Fire Arrows explode on contact)
  • Triple Shot Arrows (Shoot three Fire Arrows at once)

  • Pyromancer Path
  • Napalm TIpped Arrows (Fire Arrows leave flame where they land)
  • Inferno Blast (Charge Fire Arrows for a flaming blast)
  • Supernova (Column of Fire does more damage)

  • Soul Gem Ability: Super Volley Shot (Volley Shot shoots more arrows over more area; found in Molekin Mine)

Type: Fire
How to get: Dragon's Peak Adventure Pack
Variations: None

Sunburn is a dragon/phoenix hybrid who breathes fire and teleports. He also sports some sort of rad-looking mohawk, making him even cooler (or hotter?).

  • Starting Abilities
  • Flamethrower Breath (A button; breathes a stream of fire)
  • Immolation Teleport (B button; teleport and leave a flame behind to hurt enemies)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • Guided Teleportation (control your Teleport)
  • Blazethrower (increase Flamethrower Breath damage)
  • Phoenix Dash (Z button; dash into enemies)
  • Immolation Inflammation (Teleport flames do more damage)

  • Blaze Dragon Path
  • Infinite Flame (endlessly use Flamethrower Breath)
  • Intense Heat (hold Flamethrower Breath attack longer for more damage)
  • Phoenix Grand Blaze (hold Flamethrower Breath attack longer to surround self in flames)

  • Flame Lord Path
  • Immolation Destruction (Teleport flames are larger, do more damage)
  • Flame Streaks (Teleport leaves streaks of flames)
  • Burning Trail (Streaks of flames do more damage)

  • Soul Gem Ability: Flight of the Phoenix (Phoenix Dash does more damage; found in Dragon's Peak)


geoOctober 18, 2012

Holy RSS feed batman.  I got like 20 new news stories because of this! -_-;

CericOctober 18, 2012

Hey Neal is there anyway I could get a checklist of the one that will out on this wave?

Quote from: Ceric

Hey Neal is there anyway I could get a checklist of the one that will out on this wave?

That's a great idea. I'll see what I can do.

Honestly? I'm not even totally sure what will be out on Sunday. There seems to have been a lot of late shuffling.

CericOctober 18, 2012

Quote from: NWR_Neal

Quote from: Ceric

Hey Neal is there anyway I could get a checklist of the one that will out on this wave?

That's a great idea. I'll see what I can do.

Honestly? I'm not even totally sure what will be out on Sunday. There seems to have been a lot of late shuffling.

Thanks.  I could really use a list for Sunday Morning.  I'll probably hold off on the Series 1 Variants and just go for the new ones.

Ron POctober 22, 2012

At Walmart I found:

Tree-Rex (Starter Kit)
Fright Rider
Shroomboom in a 3 pack with cannon
Pop Fizz

Toys R Us I found
Jet Vac (single pack not the starter kit)
Hot Head

Ron POctober 22, 2012

Wonder what is scheduled for Wave 3 or a Wave 3 release date in the US

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