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Skylanders Giants Character Guide

Magic Element Characters From Spyro's Adventure

by Neal Ronaghan - October 18, 2012, 9:59 am EDT

Check here for details on Spyro, Voodood, Double Trouble, and Wrecking Ball.

Type: Magic
How to get: Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Wii Starter Pack
Variations: Legendary Spyro (Toys R' US exclusive 'Legendary' three-pack), Dark Spyro (Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure 3DS Starter Pack, Individual), Chrome Spyro (E3 2012 Exclusive), Series 2 Spyro 

Spyro, the purported star of the story, is the prototypical magic type, using a healthy balance of projectile and long range attacks to fight enemies. He can also obtain a flight ability, but since the Wii version doesn't have any jumping, he just hovers over the ground. However, in the 3DS version, he has a glide ability activated after jumping.

  • Starting Abilities
  • Dragon's Fire (A button; shoots fireballs)
  • Charge (B button; charges)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • Long Range Raze (increases fireball range)
  • Spyro's Flight (Z button; adds flight ability)
  • Sprint Charge (increase charge length)
  • Triple Flameballs (shoots three fireballs instead of one)

  • Sheep Burner Path
  • Fire Shield (creates shields when shooting fireballs)
  • Exploding Fireblast (exploding fireballs!)
  • The Daybringer Flame (hold button down to increase flame size)

  • Blitz Path
  • Stun Charge (adds stun to charge attack)
  • Comet Dash (adds damage to charge attack)
  • Ibex's Wrath Charge (adds more power to charge attack)

  • Soul Gem Ability: Spyro's Earth Pound (area-clearing dive bomb attack; found in Crawling Catacombs)

  • Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure 3DS Abilities: Dragon's Fire (starting; shoots fireball), Horn Blast (starting, shoot magical energy), Spiky Sprint (level 2; charge attack), Horn Havoc (level 5, powers up horns after attacking an enemy), Fiery Frenzy (level 8; shoot three fireballs or charge up for a giant one), Mystic Seeker Scroll (20% damage bonus; found in Treetop Circle)

  • Dark Spyro 3DS Abilities: Dragon's Fury (starting; attack with tail, wings, and lightning breath), Shadow Spark (starting; shoot out cloud of dark energy), Airburn (level 3; create a circle of dark energy underneath Spyro while in mid-air), Energy Conduit (level 6; run through Shadow Spark to energize Spyro); Shadowbeam (level 9; shoot beam of dark energy), Mystic Seeker Scroll (20% health bonus; found in Lava Flow Grotto)

Type: Magic
How to get: Individual, 3-Pack (w/ Prism Break and Boomer)
Variations: None

Voodood is a shaman-looking orc who wields an axe that he can use to attack opponents with magical energy up close, or use as a grappling hook to bring enemies in close. As you progress through the game, he also gets the ability to lay down an electrical tripwire, which can be used to great effect.

  • Starting Abilities
  • Axe Reaver (A button; melee axe attack)
  • Zipline Axe (B button; basically, an attacking hookshot)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • Magical Tripwire Bomb (Z button; releases a tripwire that does damage when enemies walk through it)
  • Weighted Axe (axe does more damage)
  • Tripwire Reserves (summon up to two tripwires)
  • Extended Blade (zipline is faster)

  • Elementalist Path
  • Roadblock Tripwire (increased tripwire length and damage)
  • Electric Feedback (anytime you get hit, you release energy, damaging nearby enemies)
  • Electro Axe (axe attacks do damage to surrounding enemies)

  • Marauder Path
  • Shaman Style (axe combo attacks)
  • Legendary Blade (axe attack does more damage)
  • Hyperwire (zipline is faster and does more damage)

  • Soul Gem Ability: Impervious Tripwire (tripwire deflects projectiles; found in Arkeyan Armory)

  • 3DS Abilities: Axe Smacks (starting; melee attack with axe), Electromagnet (starting; shoot beam that functions like the zipline), Max Axe (level 4; charged axe attack), Voodash (level 7; attack while sprinting, ending with an upward slash), Foe Zapper (level 9; automatically attack enemies every few seconds), Mystic Seeker Scroll (20% damage bonus; found in Breakmarsh)

Double Trouble
Type: Magic
How to get: Individual, 3-Pack (w/ Whirlwind and Drill Sergeant), 
Variations: Series 2 Double Trouble, Royal Double Trouble

Double Trouble is a tiki man with the ability to conjure up diminutive duplicates of himself that blow up when they hit something, as well as shoot out a beam using his staff to attack enemies.

  • Starting Abilities
  • Eldritch Beam (A button; homing beam attack)
  • Conjure Exploding Double (B button; Summon a clone that runs into enemies and explodes)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • Arcane Eldritch Beam (beam does more damage)
  • Conjure Unstable Double (clones do more damage)
  • Summon Magic Bomb (Z button; use a magic bomb)
  • Advanced Construct Techniques (three clones active at once)

  • Channeler Path
  • Extended Eldritch Beam (beam has longer range and does more damage)
  • Magical Cataclysm (bombs do more damage)
  • Magic Armageddon (rapid-fire bombs)

  • Conjuror Path
  • Imbue Construct (hit a clone with beam and it increases in size)
  • Rocket Power Doubles (clones launch themselves at enemies and do more damage)
  • Spirit Construct (clones form automatically after enemies are defeated)

  • Soul Gem Ability: Waterwalker (Can fly over water; found in Lair of Kaos)

  • 3DS Abilities: Lightning Staff (starting; casts an electric attack), Double Up (starting; create a clone that can explode on enemy contact), Frigidouble (level 3; every other conjured double freezes enemies when they explode), Bolt Burst (level 6; a lightning bolt hits the ground while attacking with the staff), Double Double (level 9; charge up a double-sized double that deals more damage), Mystic Seeker Scroll (20% damage bonus; found in Galecrack Castle)

Wrecking Ball
Type: Magic
How to get: Individual, 3-Pack (w/ Stealth Elf and Sonic Boom)
Variations: Glow-in-the-dark Wrecking Ball, Series 2 Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is a big, giant grub worm that ate a bunch of stuff and became huge. He goes around using his tongue and his flatulence to best foes. He's pretty much adorable.

  • Starting Abilities
  • Tongue Whap (A button; shoots out tongue to do mid-range attacks)
  • Forcefield Ball (B button; shoot across the stage as a magic-enhanced pinball)

  • Initial Upgrades
  • Magic Ball Control (increased ball damage and allows user controls)
  • Power Belch (Z button; a burp attack that is enhanced after eating stuff)
  • Tongue Evolution (tongue range and damage increased)
  • Digestive Detonation (charge burp attack for more damage)

  • Total Tongue Path
  • Lightning Tongue (increases tongue attack speed)
  • Tongue Grabber (increases tongue damage; tongue can pick up items)
  • Tongue Supermax (even more tongue range)

  • Ultimate Spinner Path
  • Forcefield Blast (ball creates explosion)
  • Swath of Terror (ball attack increases in size and damage)
  • It's Gotta Go Somewhere (more powerful burp attack during ball attack)

  • Soul Gem Ability: Enemy Slurp (swallows small enemies for health; found in Quicksilver Vault)

  • 3DS Abilities: Slurp (starting; tongue attack), Burp (starting; release burp gas), Clump (level 2; roll into enemies to do damage), Gulp (level 5; slingshot using tongue), BURRRP! (level 8; charge up a massive burp to do area damage), Mystic Seeker Scroll (20% bonus to health; found in Aurora Peak)


geoOctober 18, 2012

Holy RSS feed batman.  I got like 20 new news stories because of this! -_-;

CericOctober 18, 2012

Hey Neal is there anyway I could get a checklist of the one that will out on this wave?

Quote from: Ceric

Hey Neal is there anyway I could get a checklist of the one that will out on this wave?

That's a great idea. I'll see what I can do.

Honestly? I'm not even totally sure what will be out on Sunday. There seems to have been a lot of late shuffling.

CericOctober 18, 2012

Quote from: NWR_Neal

Quote from: Ceric

Hey Neal is there anyway I could get a checklist of the one that will out on this wave?

That's a great idea. I'll see what I can do.

Honestly? I'm not even totally sure what will be out on Sunday. There seems to have been a lot of late shuffling.

Thanks.  I could really use a list for Sunday Morning.  I'll probably hold off on the Series 1 Variants and just go for the new ones.

Ron POctober 22, 2012

At Walmart I found:

Tree-Rex (Starter Kit)
Fright Rider
Shroomboom in a 3 pack with cannon
Pop Fizz

Toys R Us I found
Jet Vac (single pack not the starter kit)
Hot Head

Ron POctober 22, 2012

Wonder what is scheduled for Wave 3 or a Wave 3 release date in the US

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