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The Year in Review: 2011

by Pedro Hernandez - January 21, 2012, 12:43 pm EST
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You saw the games we thought were the best in 2011, now for the best of the rest.

We have discussed what games were our favorite in 2011, but even when we came to several agreements as to what games best represent what gaming had to offer in 2011, there were still a lot of things to discuss. In this feature, we talk about the great games that didn't quite make it to our list as well as some of the events and trends that made 2011 one to remember.


LittleIrvesJanuary 22, 2012

Two things:
Zach, I'm glad I don't live in or around Alaska. Please keep your yogurt cannons to yourself, thanks.
And Alex! Poor Alex. Your disappointed list was, well, disappointing. In my eyes, the good far outweighed the bad this year, and I'm sorry to see a fan come to such a conclusion. But hey, it's good to have such an honest perspective about things. We just disagree, is all. (And come on, Nintendo Show 3D and the Video channel have had some nifty stuff, if you ask me.)
May 2012 be all that you hope for.

I actually don't think I've passed one person who also has FreakyForms, which is disappointing.

Mop it upJanuary 22, 2012

The year for me was sort of similar to how Pedro's year went. I didn't play very many games released in 2011, in fact the only one that comes immediately to mind is Zelda: Skyward Sword. Part of the reason is that there were many games released in years prior that I hadn't gotten to yet, so it was hard to justify paying full price for new releases when I could get older games for half that or less.

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