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Summer of Amiibo Week 3

by Carmine Red - July 13, 2015, 12:33 pm PDT
Total comments: 23

You don't have to collect 8 pieces of the Triforce to win this Zelda Amiibo, just submit the winning caption! Congratulations to the winner!

Welcome to Week 3 of our Summer of Amiibo giveaway!

Every week we'll run a different contest for a different Amiibo prize. It might be a caption contest. You might need to answer trivia. Or you might need to tune into a podcast for the secret keyword for that week's random drawing! Make sure you check back each week to enter into that week's particular contest, and to get a sneak preview at the Amiibo prizes to come! (Winners of previous weeks of the NWR's Summer of Amiibo event are not eligible for subsequent prizes.)

This week's prize: Zelda! This week's contest: A caption contest! Choose ONE of the images below and pair it with the best, wittiest, funniest, or most sardonic caption you can come up with! Then make sure to log into or register for our forums so you can post your selected image and caption in the talkback thread below! (Click the "Add to the discussion!" link at the bottom of this page!)

Here are the three images you can select from, with example captions to get you thinking!

Image 1


Image 2

Drat! Missed again! The Goddesses did not design this wind waker to make a very good fly swatter!

Image 3

A symphony of pain!

The NWR staff will select a winner from entries received before next Wednesday, so get captioning! While you can always list down several captions for several images, only your FIRST listed caption will be eligible for winning, so remember to lead with your best!

Full List of Prizes:

  • Week 1: Diddy Kong Amiibo - Trivia Contest!
  • Week 2: Charizard Amiibo - Secret Password on RFN
  • Week 3: Zelda Amiibo - Caption Contest!
  • Week 4: Luigi Amiibo - ???
  • Week 5: Samus Amiibo - ???
  • Week 6: ??? - ???
  • Week 7: ??? - ???
  • Week 8: ??? - ???
  • Week 9: ??? - ???
  • Week 10: ??? - ???
  • Week 11: ??? - ???

P.S. Congratulations to last week's winner! You've already been contacted by e-mail!

UPDATE: Congratulations to VofEscaflowne for their winning entry seen below!

Finally, a Wii Music sequel that accurately depicts its destructive nature.



Example entry:

Image 1

ACalica917July 10, 2015

Image 1

Zelda: " :confused; It worked!  Drawing two Kirby faces on my breasts has overwhelmed him!"

CyrianJuly 10, 2015

Image 1
"One of these days Zelda, straight to the moon!"

nickmitchJuly 11, 2015

Image 3

"Remember: Every Goblin Beast Dies Fervently"

randomflashbangJuly 12, 2015

Image 1

Zelda: What are yo even made of? Sentinent Jello Cups? Don't act like Jello can feel pain!"

VofEscaflowneJuly 13, 2015

Image 3
Finally, a Wii Music sequel that accurately depicts its destructive nature.

RickyBamBamJuly 13, 2015

Image 3: When you hit the right note!

mustbeburtJuly 13, 2015

Image 3:

"Hence, the Olympic-sized swimming pool shall go HERE!"

Image 2:

As the goblins saw it, she should have been titled the "Breaking Wind Waker".

Smash_Dojo_Bro_23July 13, 2015

Image 3:

"I'm a princess, shouldn't I be hitting the high notes?"

DanVelleJuly 13, 2015

Image 3:
(deleted scene from Kung Fu Hustle)

Just checking in here: If your entry shrinks, I'll fix it.

Carry on.

pokepal148Spencer Johnson, Contributing WriterJuly 13, 2015

Image 1: Dedede was never quite able to figure out the whole Link/Zelda thing,

ejamerJuly 14, 2015

Image #3:
"Hmm... if music tames the savage beast, then welcome to my Electric Circus Bokoblin beeotches. Hang on here we go!"

(My apologies to anyone not watching MuchMusic in the 90s for the oblique, maybe terrible, reference.)

Fatty The HuttJuly 14, 2015

Image 3 - Ack! I surrender! Stop shooting laser feet!

Fatty The HuttJuly 14, 2015

Quote from: Fatty_The_Hutt

Image 3 - Ack! I surrender! Stop shooting laser feet!

Edited version
Image 3 -
Zelda: "Ack! I surrender! Stop shooting laser feet!"

TaffypoolJuly 14, 2015

Image 2

"Now if you'll all just follow me right here to the top of this giant statue, we can complete the goddess ceremony..." /shove /shove /shove /shove /shove /splat

TennindoJuly 14, 2015

Image 3
"Time to play some Guitar Hero!"


"Zelda Style"

Fatty The HuttJuly 15, 2015

Image 1
Zelda: DeDeDe, I don't think that's gel. Have you seen "There's Something About Mary"?

Tweede946July 15, 2015

Image 1

"The Dedede is confused!
" The Dedede hurt itself in its confusion. "

Zelda used one Pokéball.

...  ...  ...

The deadline has passed! We're choosing the winner now!

Mop it upJuly 21, 2015

Aw, why was this one open for only a few days instead of a week? I missed it!

ejamerJuly 21, 2015

Who won? (Obviously not me, and rightfully so. I'm betting on.. lolmonade?)

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