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Best Buy Not Taking Online Orders, Preorders For Dark Pit

by Donald Theriault - July 5, 2015, 6:59 pm PDT
Total comments: 5 Source: Best Buy

If you want the angelic anti-hero, you're going to need to show up day 1.

A small burst of Amiibo will be releasing in North America on July 31, and Best Buy will have you in the store to get one in particular.

Dark Pit will be exclusive to Best Buy, and the US stores will not be taking online orders or in store preorders for the Amiibo. The figure will only be sold in store beginning on July 31, with a strict 1 per customer limit.

For those who may not be able to get to the store on day 1, multiple Amazon sellers are selling the Amiibo for approximately $22 with free shipping or $25 for an order fufilled by Amazon as of the time of this article. No word on if the same restrictions will be in play at Best Buy Canada.


EnnerJuly 05, 2015

A young child paces up to the counter:

"Please sir, may I have an amiibo?"

"You already have an amiibo!"

"But I would like the rare and pretty one, sir."

"NO. We don't have your amiibo, have never had your amiibo, and will never have your amiibo. Now bugger off!"

And the young child leaves the store, head hung low.

ClexYoshiJuly 06, 2015

My friend is gonna go and scalp 4 of these since he lives right by a best buy that Nintendo tends to favor that he lives right by.

Is he bringing a posse?

OedoJuly 06, 2015

Probably best to import at this point, at least until Nintendo gets their supply in order. It came out to $18 USD/$22 CAD each pre-ordering all four of 5A from Amazon Italy and between Italy, Spain, UK, and the Netherlands, pre-orders were up for up for a pretty long time for all four too. Well worth the few extra bucks to not have to waste money on gas, stand in line, and maybe end up not getting one anyway.

ForgottenPearlJuly 06, 2015

That's a shame.  I mean, Dark Pit is almost as cool as Shadow the Hedgehog.

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