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Carmine Red

35, Fremont, California, US

Carmine Red Associate Editor

Systems Owned

  • GameGearLost: GB Pocket
  • GBA SPCurrent: DS
  • GC
  • N64
  • PS1
  • SNES
  • Storage: NES
  • Wii
  • Currently Playing

    • Flavor of the moment: Trauma Center: New Blood

    Games Most Desired

    • Adventure Games (on Wii or DS)
    • Kingdom Hearts 3 (on Wii)
    • Shenmue 3 (on Wii)

    Favorite Developers

    • Shigeru Miyamoto

    Favorite Movies

    • Strictly Ballroom
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Switch Raining Blobs Nov 15

Switch Tactical Mind 2 Nov 15

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Switch Bloo Kid 2 Nov 18

Release Schedule