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Wii Tricks and Secrets

Wii Menu: Rearranging Channels

by Steven Rodriguez - December 14, 2006, 6:20 pm EST

There are secrets hidden within the Wii. Do you know about them? We do!

The Wii Menu is the first thing you see when you boot up the system. The default layout of the channels is alright if you don't plan on purchasing too many Virtual Console games, but if your itch for classic games is too strong to resist scratching, you may find that you may not be satisfied with how the channels are organized on the menu.

The default Wii Menu layout Rearranging the Wii Menu

There's an oft-overlooked remedy to this problem. Holding down the A Button and B Trigger while pointing at a channel screen will grab it for easy repositioning into an empty slot. This allows you to arrange your Virtual Console library in the way that you want, or shift under-used channels to a different page. Moving channels around also gives you the added benefit of switching between them with the Plus/Minus buttons in the order of your choosing. There are no restrictions on where you can place channels, other than the Disc Channel cannot be moved from the upper-left corner on the first page.

Doesn't that look much better?

The A+B dragging trick isn't just limited to the Wii Menu. Obviously, it's how you pick up Miis in the Mii Plaza and Mii Parade areas of the Mii Channel. However, you can also use it to spread out your messages on the Wii Message Board so that you don't accidentally open a message you didn't want because it was laying on top of another one.

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