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Wii Tricks and Secrets

Wii Baseball: Sidearm Pitch

by Steven Rodriguez - December 14, 2006, 6:20 pm EST

There are secrets hidden within the Wii. Do you know about them? We do!

As your skill level in Wii Sports Baseball increases, the pitch variety of the computer opponents will mix up considerably. One of the things the computer does to throw off your home run timing is to throw sidearm pitches instead of the traditional overhand hurls. The instruction manual doesn't tell you how to do this, so it seems like one less advantage you have against the other team.

Well, here's the secret of the sidearm pitch. In addition to changing pitch types with combinations of the A Button and B Trigger, the 1 and 2 Buttons allow you to change your throw style on the fly. In the default overhand throw mode, hitting the 2 Button before flinging the ball toward the plate will cause you to dip down and deliver a pitch from a lower angle. You'll continue to throw balls this way until hitting the 1 Button to switch back to the regular throwing style.

Overhand pitch Sidearm pitch

The different angle of the sidearm throw makes pitches behave differently than the equivalent overhand jobs. Picking up on pitches is vital on knowing when to hold back or knowing when to swing for the fences, so delivering them differently each time is crucial to defensive success. If you're having trouble beating your friends from the mound, try throwing them some heat from down below!

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