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Wii Tricks and Secrets

Mii Channel: Send Unlimited Miis

by Steven Rodriguez - December 14, 2006, 6:20 pm EST

There are secrets hidden within the Wii. Do you know about them? We do!

The Mii Channel is everyone's guilty pleasure. It's easy to waste countless hours creating your own little walking masterpieces. Once you've created the perfect Mii, the first thing you usually do is to send it to all of the people on your friends list. If you're like us, you have a lot of friends. In the process of sending Miis to them, you might come across this nasty little message:

The pesky 20 Mii limit

What if you have more than twenty people to send your Mii to? What if you've made three or four Miis and don't want to wait to distribute the goods to everyone? Luckily, there's a work-around for this annoyance. The Wii keeps track of how many Miis you've sent in a given day via the console's internal calendar...which can be changed.

Change the date in the Wii Settings area Changing the date. Look familar?

To circumvent the Wii's Mii-sending cap, simply change the Wii's date to something wildly different than the current date. Don't worry, this won't screw up anything internally (unless you boot a Wii game that is time-sensitive). Once the change is in place, you can either send another 20 Miis before the limiter stops you again, or simply send one and change the date back. You can send another twenty Miis once the calendar is reset back to normal.

Let's try sending some Miis now Success!

The Mii limit seems silly, considering that you can have up to 100 contacts in your Wii Address Book. If the whole point of the Mii Channel is to share your creations with your friends, why impose the limit in the first place? At least it's easy to get around.

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