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Wii Tricks and Secrets

Wii Game Case: SD Card Holder

by Steven Rodriguez - December 14, 2006, 6:20 pm EST

There are secrets hidden within the Wii. Do you know about them? We do!

Don't like the music in Excite Truck? You're not alone. The custom soundtrack feature in the game is great, provided you have an SD card filled with MP3s to take advantage of it. But what if you want to bring the game to a friend's house? How are you going to transport that tiny little SD card? If you don't put it somewhere secure, it can easily be misplaced. You could just throw it in with the game, but a loose object inside the case could damage the underside of the disc if it's bumped around a little too much. What's a gamer to do?

The Secret SD Card Holder SD Card Up Close

Wii game cases were designed with two-disc games in mind. As such, there are clips on the inside spine of the cases for an extra disc holder to snap into. There are no two-disc Wii games available, so you might as well put those extra pieces of plastic to good use as an SD card holder. The thickness of a card is just the right size for it to snugly fit between the clips. There is little chance of a violent shake knocking the card loose, and when opening the case the card stands straight up for easy retrieval. Not bad!

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