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Wii Tricks and Secrets

Wii Bowling: Change Ball Color

by Steven Rodriguez - December 14, 2006, 6:20 pm EST

There are secrets hidden within the Wii. Do you know about them? We do!

Don't like that default blue bowling ball you always get stuck with when playing a solo game of Wii Bowling? Never fear, because there's something you can do to change it.

After selecting the Mii you want to use in the pre-game menus, a warning message will display. (It's usually the one that warns you about hitting anything while you play.) At this time, you can hold down one of the four D-Pad directions on the Wii remote and press the A Button to change your ball color to something different.

Gold Ball, Red Ball, Green Ball

  • D-Pad Left: Red ball
  • D-Pad Right: Gold ball
  • D-Pad Up: Blue ball
  • D-Pad Down: Green ball

When playing a multiplayer game with multiple controllers, each player can select their own ball color. If you like the blue ball but aren't Player 1, holding Up on the pad will get you your favorite color.

There's another type of bowling ball you can get, but it can't be obtained via a secret code. If you want it, you're going to need to earn it...

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