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Walmart Exclusive Amiibo Announced

by Justin Berube - February 26, 2015, 12:20 pm EST
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Will soon be as valuable as gold.

The Super Mario Amiibo Gold Edition will be exclusively available at 3,000 Walmart locations in the U.S. on March 20.

The special Gold Edition Mario Amiibo will function exactly the same as the Super Smash Bros. series and Super Mario series Mario Amiibo figures.

Walmart’s website had the Gold Edition Super Mario Amiibo up for pre-order multiple times today, but it sold out quickly on every occasion it was available.



itsgoodmetalFebruary 27, 2015

The author's friend alerted us of a fourth (I believe) batch of Walmart gold Mario Amiibo and it sold out as soon as I got the text. Big N, why do you do this to us? :(

BlackNMild2k1February 27, 2015

I hope they produce so many of these, that all when it comes to valued collections, this is the most abundant figure of them all and therefore worth the least amount of them all.

BlackNMild2k1February 27, 2015

oh, and Thanks UncleBob

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