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Inside The Bubble: Sept 30 - Oct 5, 2012 

by Ariel Ruff - October 5, 2012, 8:58 pm PDT
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This week's Inside The Bubble... EA is shady, Donkey Kong, Pushmo 2, and more Nintendo Direct than you can shake a stick at in under 5 minutes!

Week 9 - (September 30 - October 5)

List of Topics Covered:
Fifa 12 Looks a Lot Like Fifa 13
Donkey Kong Free For All
Wii U Pre-Pay Cards Emerge
Little Inferno To Be Available At Wii U Launch
Monster Hunter 3 To Be Playable At NYCC
Cave Story Dropped
New Club Nintendo Reward Available
European Nintendo Direct
New 3DS Bundles
Retail Favorites Available As Digital Downloads
Pushmo 2
New Animal Crossing Details
Skylanders Giants Interview

Inside The Bubble is an end of the week rundown of the top Nintendo news stories brought to you under five minutes... sometimes ten. The show is hosted, produced, and directed by Nintendo World Report's Ariel "910Norex" Ruff, a new member of the NWR team and former owner of his own Nintendo related news website. While the show is news focused primarily, Inside The Bubble also covers various Nintendo rumors, happenings, and NWR features to check out. You can catch Inside The Bubble every Saturday morning (EST) for an update on what you might have missed in the world of Nintendo and a guaranteed laugh... just one though. And yes, chuckles count!


You have a great voice for this, Ariel.

Pixelated PixiesOctober 05, 2012

'You didn't guess it.' lol. Great recap, man.

Is anyone else freaking out about Fallblox? I haven't been this excited for the release of a puzzle game since Chu Chu Rocket on the GBA.

SarailOctober 05, 2012

Yeah. Ditto to what Dr. Metts said. Keep up the great work, Ariel. Another outstanding Inside the Bubble. I look forward to every release of these.

NorexAriel Ruff, Staff AlumnusOctober 05, 2012

Aww man, maybe I should loose my voice more often lol... I sound like crap lol. But, I did have fun! Thanks guys!

@Metts - Just glad to be part of the fam! Now when are you going to have me on Radio Free!!! jk

mr_lakituOctober 05, 2012

He's the Werner Herzog of NintendoLand.

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