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Episode 434: Dr. Wario's Snake Oil

by James Jones, Jon Lindemann, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - July 5, 2015, 5:51 pm EDT
Total comments: 17

We're FINALLY back from E3 with fresh games and your Listener Mail (mostly about the show, of course).

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We're sorry that you had to wait so long for a proper episode after E3, but it's here now, and it's full of new games and your questions about what went down at gaming's biggest show.

Guillaume begins at the beginning, with Earthbound Beginnings. He also tries the new(-ish) Dr. Mario for 3DS and revisits both Pikmin (New Play Control version for Wii) and his beloved Pikmin 3. Jon focuses on New Super Mario Bros. U (not to be outdone by rival J.C. of the Famicast) and shares tales of a recent visitor. James goes arcade-esque with Donkey Kong '94 and Whoa Dave! Then, he leads a group discussion of Splatoon, which continues to be a satisfying summer game for most of the crew -- and Jon might even try it soon. This is a big, catch-up edition of New Business after a few weeks away, so Jonny wraps up the segment with final thoughts on Elliot Quest, a return to Broken Age, and a surprise licensed game for 3DS.

We didn't get to as much Listener Mail as originally intended, so look for more coming very soon. However, there is an attempt to explain SMT X Fire Emblem (or whatever its nonsense name) and consider ways that Miyamoto could excite people who always seem to catch up years later. That sort of derails us into a final summary of Nintendo's appearance at E3... Finally, against our better judgement (i.e. Guillaume), we approached a joke question that lead us down the dark path of Metroid Prime: Federation Force. It definitely wasn't the most cheerful way to end the podcast, and we'll do better next time. Won't you please help?

After you send in that one topic that's bugging you, please check out Jonny on the latest episode of Connectivity (sounding much more hopeful about Metroid) and tackling all the summer movies over on Box Office Poison. There's more cross-media fun coming soon from your RFN buddies! And of course, we have a lot more to say about Nintendo's outlook throughout this summer and beyond. Thank you all for listening!

This episode was edited by Guillaume Veillette. Now Playing was produced by James Jones and Jon Lindemann. The "Men of Leisure" theme song was produced exclusively for Radio Free Nintendo by Perry Burkum. Hear more at Bluffs Custom Music.


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TOPHATANT123July 06, 2015

Let's clap let's clap
Choose your clapping game
Let's clap and let's clap
Choose your clapping game both hands

famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)July 06, 2015

I've never had a rival before.
I haven't listened yet, but I'm assuming Jon tries to out-troll me.

EnnerJuly 06, 2015

Aww, but watching Callie & Marie is a ritual to get you in the mood! (Actually, I wish I didn't have to press A so many times.)

So it is etched in podcast form that Nintendo's E3 2015 will be the time Nintendo made a gift of coal. The exasperated sighs of frustration, disappointment, and anguish serves to contrast to my cynical expectations of Nintendo. Y'all wish Nintendo did a lot of things better where I quickly gave up on wishing when I realized Nintendo's pattern of slow progress is ingrained in to the company. And we all buy their stuff any way!

On the Genei Ibun Roku #FE: I believe that the Fire Emblem spirits and the malevolent spirits are collectively known as Mirages from the Mirage World. This makes our pop idol protagonists Mirage Masters. Performa is the special energy the Mirage Masters possess great quantities of that attract the Fire Emblem Mirages.

SorenJuly 07, 2015

I want Metroid games to have ALL OF THE GLITTER.

EnnerJuly 07, 2015

On Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate:
I really do hope you give the game a good try, Jonny. And I hope you are not shy about seeking help. After spending many hours with MH4U, while it has the gentlest and most engaging learning curve for newcomers, it is still missing major beats in teaching you about how to make your hunting life easier. Some of this is due to the obtuse monster of a UI that is there due to legacy.

I recommend going through as much as the single player story (the Caravan quests) as you can. You can mix things up with multiplayer (Gathering Hall quest), but you unlock major conveniences and options only through the single player story. Most important of these is the Wycoon who helps you by multiplying materials for healing, buffs, and other tools. Later on the game requires to bring in your own items, so it's best to get used to that as early as possible. Also, you should unlock the street cook and upgrades as quick as you can. Eating a meal before a hunt gives you powerful buffs, and improving the food quality makes the buffs even better. You can always enter a hunt with maximum health and stamina if you upgrade the street cooks ingredients!

Thanks for the tips! Can't you also refill health and stamina by sleeping in your bed before each mission?

EnnerJuly 08, 2015

Quote from: Jonnyboy117

Thanks for the tips! Can't you also refill health and stamina by sleeping in your bed before each mission?

If you mean the bed in Your House, that's just how you save. Ah, probably not talking about that.

If you mean the bed at the base camp of the hunting areas, resting there does refill your health and stamina.

What I'm talking about with the Street Cook is a food buff that raises your maximum health and stamina before entering the hunting area. The base health and stamina is 100 points. The first thing the game teaches you is cooking and eating a Well-Done Steak that raises your stamina from 100 points to 150 points. There are curative items such as Nutrients and Mega Nutrients that raise your maximum health from 100 to up to 150 (but still keeps your current health at its level). In the latter parts of the game, the Max Potion will instantly raise your maximum and current health to 150. However, if you upgrade and eat at the Street Cook before a hunt, you can start a hunt with health and stamina at 150 along with other useful perks.

Sadly, you can't keep those buffs if you faint during a hunt. Well, some of them you can if you eat for the Felyne Foodie skill at the Street Cook.

TL;DR: Get and upgrade the Street Cook. Eat at the Street Cook before every hunt.
A good food combination for starters is either Meat + Fish for an Attack Up or Fish + Bread for Defense Up. Fry the ingredients for Felyne Black Belt and Felyne Defender (Hi), respectively.

Mop it upJuly 08, 2015

Quote from: Enner

If you mean the bed at the base camp of the hunting areas, resting there does refill your health and stamina.

This isn't entirely accurate. Resting at the base camp restores only your health, it does not restore any stamina. To raise stamina when on a quest, you have to eat meat or certain other items. If you're out of options, you can also faint to restore your stamina to 100...

CericJuly 08, 2015

Shoot while we are talking camp.

Resting will also get rid of any Status Debuff you have and in Single Player your cats will join you and take a nap at your feet restoring there life.  This is notable because when you faint you come back and you stats will in most cases go back to there base level.  The cats on the other hand don't automatically heal so you might want to still sleep and heal them if you need them. (I have bowgunned the whole game so I needed the alternative targets going around.)

TOPHATANT123July 08, 2015

I started monster hunter 4 ultimate a few days ago so we are in the same shoes Jonny, the biggest hurdle for me was finding out that the equipment box is inside your house and you cannot go inside if you have accepted a quest. There are item boxes outside your house but you cannot change equipment there. 20 hours in so far and the learning curve has been a lot more gental than I anticipated, although I reccommend if you have not done so already to watch some Gaijin Hunter on youtube.

After trying all the weapon tutorials I went with the charge blade since it has lots of options in battle but isn't just totally overwhelming like the insect glaive.

I'm using the Insect Glaive so far... it's working out, but I miss pretty often due to the alternating attack patterns. I haven't yet fought anything large enough to be mounted.

EnnerJuly 09, 2015

You can start mounting things as soon as the Great Jaggi. However, the smaller major bird wyverns are small and mobile targets that are quite difficult to land a jump attack and a mount on. Don't sweat it too much.

The main thing you want with the Insect Glaive is getting those extracts and buffs. Generally, heads give you the red (attack) extract, legs the white (speed) extract, and the body the orange (armor) extract. It varies between monsters. Getting at least a red + white or just red is highly recommended as you do at least half the damage you could be doing without it. Marking a monster is always an option, but it is drastically faster to not rely on marking and just getting extracts by being right up next to a monster.

OedoJuly 09, 2015

I agree with the idea that Nintendo needs to get their head out of the sand when it comes to different technology or implementing stuff like voice chat on a broader level, but I thought Reggie's comments on VR specifically were pretty fair:


“We have a long and deep history with VR with Virtual Boy, and we also have a history with augmented reality because there’s AR in Nintendo 3DS. We know the tech and we know how the tech has evolved. For Nintendo, we always go beyond the tech to make sure that the experiences we do are fun and they’re social, and I think those are the two key opportunities today on the VR/AR space. Are they both fun and social? I don’t think that’s there yet. So we’re going to continue to stay close to the technology. We’re going to continue to do our own internal experiments, but we don’t believe it’s ready for prime time yet.”

I didn't get the impression that he thought it was a fad or stupid from that and he didn't sound dismissive of it either. If you take the comments at at face value, he was actually the opposite of dismissive. Whether or not what he's saying is true and what he considers staying close to the technology is obviously anybody's guess, but like I said, I thought the comments themselves were pretty fair.

That quote is pretty far from what I originally heard. I wonder if he was walking it back strongly? Or maybe the original quote was wrong.

Been playing more MonHun. I beat the Great Jaggi twice and have some of that armor set now. I'm still doing some tutorial quests for things like fishing and egg-stealing, which have been very useful at showing me the parts of the game I never want to do again. The hunting is all I've enjoyed so far.

TOPHATANT123July 11, 2015

The egg quests play like escort mission where you are the escort.

EnnerJuly 12, 2015

Like 2014's Reggie quote on Twitch streaming, the details on 2015's Reggie quote on VR is lost in the general skepticism/negativity of what he said. Who reads past a headline these days anyways? :p

The egg quests of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate are optional affairs. You don't have to do them unless you're a completionist. Being a completionist only nets you the Rainbow armor pigment and a Caravan fight with Crimson Fatalis.

Fishing, however, is something you will need to deal with if you continue using Insect Glaives. Upgrading Insect Glaives will require Spear Tunas and Ancient Fish which are only gained from fishing in High Rank or G Rank missions. Thankfully, you can eat for Felyne Fishing (Fish + Dairy + Fry) which will make things a bit easier.

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