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Episode 180: #9 Metroid

by Nicholas Bray, Jonathan Metts, Zachary Miller, and Donald Theriault - June 28, 2015, 7:32 pm EDT
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A little more E3 discussion and some Metroid imagineering.

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Welcome to Episode 180 of Nintendo World Report's Connectivity podcast. This week we are featuring two segments for you all to enjoy.

E3 Aftermath
Nick, Zach and Donald band together to discuss more of their thoughts on E3 after the dust has settled a bit. The trio also delve into a tiny bit of NX speculation.

This brand new segment features Nick and Jonathan Metts talking about Metroid. Imagineering is all about discussing and thinking of possible ideas for established game series, such as Metroid. This segment type will hopefully grow over time, who knows, maybe we will also delve into original game ideas eventually. For now, we hope you enjoy this first outing.

This episode was edited by Nicholas Bray

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ClexYoshiJune 29, 2015

"There just wasn't much for me at this E3." ~ Zachary Miller

>Shantae Half Genie Hero
>Mighty No. 9
>Senran Kagura 2
>I'd be surprised if he's not got any Persona 5 hype going on

there's probably other games on the periphery I'm also missing.

ClexYoshiJune 29, 2015

sorry to double post, but specifically for Shaymin, I gotta say...

most of the internet is rolling with Illusory Revelations #FE... which honestly works in my mind since the first Persona game went under the name "Revelations" in non Japanese countries, and that's how I kinda remember the title.

TOPHATANT123June 29, 2015

"The next system would need to launch with a new Metroid"
"That's not enough, it's going to need a new 3d Mario also"
"It would launch with a new Zelda as well"
Let's keep our expectations in check, at that point you may as well just release the systems entire library at launch and call it a day.

As for SMTXFE it is now officially called Genei Ibun Roku #FE, or on twitter #GIRFE.

Well, I think Nintendo need to start out strong with their next system.

Having both a 3D Mario and a new Metroid at launch would be smart to gain early adopters. If not at launch they could space them out a little bit, make sure they hit in the first year though. They could then follow up with Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and or a Splatoon sequel in year two.

Their teams are likely already working on the next system, the time frames could line up fairly well for a strong opening year.

Also, putting at least Metroid out at launch would probably give it the best chance to sell the most units, as we discussed.

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