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LoSt-CaUzE Gaming Headphones

by Karl Castaneda - October 30, 2007, 3:52 pm PDT
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Love, thy name is Able Planet.

Let’s get something straight, right off the bat. These headphones are total and complete overkill for your DS. With a current price tag of $149.99, it’s actually worth more than your DS, and the sound capabilities of this set so far outstrip the capabilities of Nintendo’s handheld that it almost seems like an insult to plug the jack in. That being said, if you’re looking for a powerhouse product and plugging said set into your DS is part of the plan, then you could do a hell of a lot worse.

Published under the sponsorship of LoSt-CaUzE, noted competitive Quake IV player, Able Planet’s Active Noise Canceling Stereo Headphones are probably the most impressive audio product I’ve ever used. Completely covering my ears, the sound is crystal clear and immediately immersive. The difference between this and my last set, a pair of SONY MDR-V150 Dynamic Stereo Headphones, was astronomical, and I couldn’t have been happier.

Then I flipped the Noise Canceling Switch, and realized that, indeed, I could.

My roommate is a trumpet player, and he practices nightly. It needs to be said that, even when he was blasting as loud as he could muster, when I activated noise cancellation, I could barely hear it, and my volume was only two-fifths up. After putting the volume up to three-fourths, I couldn’t hear the trumpet at all.

Soak it in, ladies and gentelmen...

One peculiar, if mildly annoying drawback to this feature is that it seems to pick up a slight buzzing noise when cell phones go off. Though the buzz isn’t at all crippling to the experience, it is immediately noticeable.

As far as comfort goes, the full-sized ear cups hug like a warm blanket, never feeling uncomfortable, even after long use. My old set would often make my ears sore if I wore them for longer than an hour. The thick cushions available here don’t provide such problems, however, and the lightweight strap keeps it firmly placed on your head, never slipping.

Also included in the package is an audio splitter for connecting multiple headsets to one outlet, a 6.35mm jack converter, a 6-foot extension cord, and a storage case for the headphones as well as all of the above.

Though my time with this set has been fantastic, the steep asking price shows that this package clearly isn’t meant for the average consumer, and is instead aimed at the premium consumer, which is likely not Joe DS Owner, who’s probably just looking for a little more out of Elite Beat Agents. But if cost isn’t an issue, and you’re looking for quality, then Able Planet’s Active Noise Canceling Stereo Headphones are an excellent answer.


Appearance Comfort Quality Value Construction Final
8.5 9.5 9.5 9.5 9 9.5

Though bulky, Able Planet’s supplied a pretty sleek look, with shiny silver looking rather striking against the otherwise jet-black body.


This is the first pair of stereo headphones that I’ve never felt sore after wearing for long periods of time. You’re still liable to catch headphone hair, but that’s inherent in all stereo sets.


Aside from the slight buzzing noise when cell phones go off, there isn’t a single factor to complain about in this package.


The headphones are solidly designed and not overly flashy.


Some would argue that $149.99 is a lot to ask for a set of headphones, but these show that you get what you pay for. I’m extremely satisfied with my experience.


Were it not for the price tag, I wouldn’t hesitate to give this package a 10. It’s simply that good.


  • Amazing noise cancellation
  • Crystal-clear audio
  • Great comfort
  • High cost
  • Slight buzzing noise when cell phones go off
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UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorOctober 30, 2007


Way too much for a set of headphones, but neat. I assume they're not "Made for" the Nintendo DS?

Karl Castaneda #2October 30, 2007

Picture added.

And no, they are most definitely not made for DS.

UltimatePartyBearOctober 30, 2007

Pics would be nice. Also, how big is your head and how adjustable are they? I've found that headphones designed for normal people don't always fit right on my immense braincase.


... The headphones I'm using now cost $1 retail, and they're doing JUST FINE THANK YOU!!!

Karl Castaneda #2October 30, 2007


Originally posted by: PartyBear
Pics would be nice. Also, how big is your head and how adjustable are they? I've found that headphones designed for normal people don't always fit right on my immense braincase.

These headphones have enough stretch to fit anything between a grapefruit and a watermelon. If your head falls within that territory, you should be fine.

wulffman04October 30, 2007

Trumpets, ASSEMBLE!!

I just don't think I could justify spending this much on headphones.

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