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More Retail Reports on the GBA

by Max Lake - June 9, 2001, 6:51 pm EDT

If you were hoping the GBA would be released early, we've received more retail reports that indicate we'll have to wait until the 13th, no exceptions.

OK, following up on the retail report we ran the other day from TEH WINDEY DALE suggeting there was no way the GBA would hit retail shelves early, we have a few follow up reports on the GBA worth sharing.

First up is "MarjorGeo!"

MajorGeo says:

I stumbled on your GBA announcements, and decides to offer my bit of the

retail chain list. I work for ShopKo, which isn't as well known as Target

or Wal-Mart (Unless you live in Wisconsin or other midwest states...) but I

recently asked my boss about the GBA, and he said received an e-mail about

it, and I was privledged to the information. The E-mail came from the

main DC, and stated that any GBA games and accessories could be put out

right away, but the systems weren't to be sold till the 13th of June. This

probably just helps a few of us, but if anyone was wondering, here's the

info! I am looking to be there when the store opens to get mine, since I

can't buy it right off the truck (Stupid laws...) Hope this helps!

Here's a Wal Mart employee, "Captain Link:"

Captain Link says:

I work for Wal-Mart, and I was told that we are contractually bound to June 13. I was also told that even though our store is 24hrs, we couldn’t sell them until that morning. I also know that Wal-Mart is selling GBA for $89.96 instead of $99.99

From Best Buy:

One guy from Best Buy says:

I work for Best Buy and we won't be selling the systems till June 13th. I

don't see how anyone is going to be selling on June 11th or 12th since

shipments will be getting to all of our stores on the 12th.

And here's some PGC reader recon reports:

Brian says:

Just so you know, Funcolands, best buys and Babbagges/SoftWare Ects have Worm lights. I pre-bought mine at EB, and they didn't get theirs yet (It might just be mine) But the funcoland across the street has one, but I have to wait.

If you go here and enter you zip code, you can see if your store has any.


Michael A. says:

Hey Max, here in Rochester, NY most places aren't selling them until the 13th. Even Toys R Us is waiting two extra days so they can do the Kmart thing also. But on a side note some stores were selling the GBA for 109.99.

Joseph O. says:

Well I don't work at Wal-Mart, but I do know someone who does. And at my

Wal-Mart they have a GBA out to play. And my friend told me that the

store does have the units in stock, but won't sell them until June 13th.

I have aksed them if they will(because the people that work at my

Wal-Mart are all old) becuase they sold me Pokemon Gold version a day

before it came out and then they said that they shouldn't have. But they

all said that they can't sell them early.

Joseph O.

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