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Is GBA's release date the 11th or the 13th?

by Max Lake - June 10, 2001, 1:34 pm EDT

We've gotten bombarded with emails! It seems some retailers will be selling GBA the 11th, some the 13th.

OK, OK... I logged onto my email today to see five pages of new emails. Many of them were from people looking to clarify some recent retail reports. Here's the deal:

Some retailers (notably EB) will have GBA's available tomorrow on the 11th, though only for folks pre-ordering. Other retailers will be working on sorting out colors and pre-order stuff, (as reported by TEH WINDEY DALE) and will start selling units on the 13th.

The Game Boy Advance website still lists the official date as the 11th.

Check with your local retailer.

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