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Don't expect the GBA Early!

by Max Lake - June 7, 2001, 3:05 pm EDT

GBA games may be hitting shelves early but don't expect the Game Boy Advance itself to go on sale till the 11th. Check out another PGC Retail Report!

We received another retail report a couple days ago, this time from our pal, "TEH WINDEY DALE" (who I like to call "TEH" for short). He's written in to let us know that despite many retailers already selling GBA games, there is a snowball's chance in hell that any retailers will break the date on selling actual Game Boy Advance systems.

Tell us whatchu got TEH WINDEY DALE!

TEH WINDEY DALE SAYS: There is a 99% chance that no one will be selling GBAs before the 11th. Nintendo is going to make sure of that.

Yesterday while workin' at the ol' K-Mart, I got a call from our Nintendo rep. After asking if our GBA unit was at the proper waist-high level, he issued something of an ultimatum.

If we (K-Mart) sold any GBAs before June 11th, we would become ineligible for the hardware rebates that Nintendo is giving back to retailers. As we all know, Nintendo wasn't all too happy about N64s leaking out early, and Sony made damn sure that no PS2 came out early in either Japan, North America, or Europe.

However, this makes no sense to us (at K-Mart), because we won't start selling our units until June 13. That's because of all the pre-orders and we need the time to make sure we order enough of each specific color as well as the normal non-pre-order shipment. (I think Targets and Wal-Marts are doing the same deal.)

But, knowing how some of the bigger electronics/videogame stores, they won't care and just sell them off first thing, hoping to attract more business and exposure. In fact, this restriction might not even apply to those other guys, because with the way our rep worded his message, it sounded as if he only meant the retail sector. Take that as you will.


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