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GameCube Prices & Dates for Sega Games!

by Max Lake - June 4, 2001, 11:57 am EDT
Source: SillyMrMan

We've got a new retail report from our old friend SillyMrMan. Along with info on retailers preparing for NGC, we have X-Box info too!

SillyMrMan, the contributor that sparked a series of Retail Reports has returned with hot new info. Apparently, at the game store he works at, two GameCube titles have been added to the computer! And so, apparently, have some X-Box titles. Read on…

SillyMrMan says: I had work today and guess what I found in my systems: release dates and prices for some NGC games! Here's the list so far (all titles are copied directly from our systems and my be abreviated):


Monkey Ball $39.99 10-15-01

Phantasy Star Online 2 $49.99 12-17-01

Sweet huh? It's my guess that Phantasy Star Online Version 2 may have a December release date to allow them time to add in true online play and allow Nintendo to ship enough modems/broadband adapters. The prices are to be expected fom competetive software.

Those are the only two games we have so far in our systems. I'll check every day I'm in and let you know of updates (if they aren't already on the net ;-).

What is striking is that those are both Sega titles. While skimming over the X-Box release list I saw something interesting concerning Sega as well. I'll note it in the following release list for X-Box games from our computers (sorry, forgot to get prices):

Trophy Bass 10-15-01

Thunderstrike Operation Phoenix 10-16-01

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 November

New Legends November

Dark Summit November

Mad Dash November

Salt Lake 2002 11-13-01

MX 2002 Featuring Ricky Carmichael 11-15-01

WWF Raw is War 11-15-01

Tetris Worlds 12-03-01

Gun Valkrie 12-17-01


NFL 2k2 12-17-01


Jonny Drama January

Jet Set Future 01-15-02


NBA 2k2 01-15-02


Commandos 2: Men of Courage 02-15-02

Crazy Taxi Next 02-15-02

Blood Omen 2 03-15-02

Hitman 2 03-15-02

Project Eden 03-15-02

Race Nation 03-15-02

Wave Rally 03-15-02

House of the Dead 3 03-15-02

The titles surrounded by stars caught the eyes of myself and my manager. Last I had heard, the Sega Sports titles hadn't specified a target console. Apparently they have made their decision... initially at least. I didn't think at the time to check for a PS2 version but I will tomorrow. And I'm sure that you saw the other Sega titles in their (House 3, Crazy Taxi, and JSF). I sure as hell hope that Sega doesn't do specific titles on specific consoles... that would make us their bitch.

Which brings me to my final point in this overly extravagent email: if Sega truly wants to be competetive for the "Best (read most profitable) Third Party in the World" title, then they'd have to publish their sports titles on every platform they could. EA did it and that's how they managed number one last year. So here's looking to the future with [hopefully] Sega Sports games on the GAMECUBE.

I hope you enjoy this information :-). Talk to you later and keep of that damn fine work!

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