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Release Information For Palutena, Dark Pit Announced

by Donald Theriault - July 15, 2015, 6:24 am PDT
Total comments: 4 Source: Amazon, AmiiboNews Twitter

And the Nintendo/Amazon relationship grows a bit stronger.

The remaining Kid Icarus Uprising character Amiibo have new details, including the first knowledge of how to get Palutena in North America.

The Palutena Amiibo is exclusive to Amazon in North America, the first exclusive for the online giant. Preorders will open for the Amiibo on July 24 ahead of the July 31 release. Similar to their handling of Wave 4 on May 29, Amazon will restrict orders to 1 per account, will announce the release time in advance and disable one-click ordering.

For those concerned that the Best Buy-exclusive Dark Pit Amiibo will be limited, some good news has been reported by @AmiiboNews: A screenshot of a Best Buy computer shows a quantity of 9000 of Dark Pit will be available in California on July 31. Based on the number of stores in California, it appears there will be at least a hundred Dark Pit per store, and Best Buy has indicated a strict 1-per-customer limit.


AdrockJuly 15, 2015

Oh fuck. I really want that Palutena Amiibo as I actually play as her. I'll chalk this up as a loss.

Triforce HermitJuly 15, 2015

I can still try for Palutena. I can get her! I know I can!...

Remember the definition of insanity?

OedoJuly 15, 2015

Since she's an exclusive Amazon obviously got way more of her than any of the Wave 4, so they're estimating she'll up for a "good" 15 minutes. Considering they're also going to announce the time she goes up in advance... that's about as good as you can expect for an exclusive at this point. If 15 minutes ends up being accurate and the site doesn't crap itself, most everyone who wants her should be able to get her.

LouieturkeyJuly 16, 2015

I've rarely seen Amazon crap itself in recent times (maybe 10 years ago is when I last heard of an incident). 

Guess I'll be watching for that preorder next week.  I may have to figure out a way to go to BB on the 31st as well since Dark Pit sounds amazing to me.

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