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North American Club Nintendo Prizes Revealed

by Neal Ronaghan - July 6, 2012, 4:23 pm PDT
Total comments: 35 Source: http://club.nintendo.com

Platinum members can choose between playing cards, posters, a calendar, and a free game, while Gold members are limited to the calendar or a game.

UPDATE: The prizes are now live.

The prizes for the 2011-2012 North American Club Nintendo year were revealed early this morning and then promptly taken down. It's still very likely these are the prizes, but there could be tweaks when it finally does go live. We'll let you know when the prizes go live and you can make your choice.

Folks who earned 600 coins or more in the previous Club Nintendo year, which ended June 30, have a variety of choices for their Platinum prize. There is a set of three new posters, featuring designs from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

The other Platinum-only reward is a set of Mario playing cards that appear to be slightly see-through.


The Gold reward (for members who earned 300 to 600 coins), which Platinum members can also choose, is, like usual, a 2013 calendar that will likely feature images from Wii U titles such as Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U as the promotional art teases.

Alternatively, Gold and Platinum members can pick a downloadable game for Wii or 3DS as their reward. The options are Super Mario Kart (Wii Virtual Console), The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Wii Virtual Console), Metroid II: Return of Samus (3DS Virtual Console), and Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again (DSiWare download on 3DS). All of those games except for Metroid II were featured as Club Nintendo games that you could download using coins in previous months.

In previous years, Club Nintendo Platinum members could get a Mario pin set (2010-2011), a Mario figurine (2009-2010), and a choice between a Mario hat and a Punch-Out!! WiiWare game (2008-2009). In all previous years, Gold members could only get a calendar.



UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorJuly 06, 2012

If anyone seriously doesn't like the Platinum rewards, I'll gift you $20 worth of Wii downloads in exchange for your reward. :D

Disco StuJuly 06, 2012

Playing cards it is!  I was able to get to the platinum status when I realized that my girlfriend's years-old copy of Mario Kart Wii still had the Club Nintendo insert in it :)

"What a horrible night to have a curse."

MataataJuly 06, 2012

Aww! I want a Kid Icarus Uprising poster.

CericJuly 06, 2012

Playing Cards OR 3 Posters.  Seriously.  It should be at the minimum Playing Cards AND 3 Posters for Platinum.  Now to see the rest of world get something uber-cool and worth more then a week worth of Newspapers.

broodwarsJuly 06, 2012

Quote from: UncleBob

If anyone seriously doesn't like the Platinum rewards, I'll gift you $20 worth of Wii downloads in exchange for your reward. :D

I might just take you up on that if you have 3DS eShop currency.  Man, I'm so glad I rushed to just barely clear the 600 coins threshold this year rather than hold all my 3DS surveys until this new Club Nintendo year.  ::)    The free game is a nice addition, but I already own 3/4 games available (Mario vs. DK is the only one I don't have).

If I do select one of these rewards, I'd probably take the posters.  I already have a set of Hanafuda cards from Club Nintendo, so I don't need any more playing cards.

purevalJuly 06, 2012

I'm torn. I would like the posters, but I am quickly running out of walls in my house due to Club Nintendo. I will never use the playing cards. If only Nintendo would include free walls. I will probably end up buying the calendar on ebay again.

LOZmanJuly 06, 2012

I wish I was a platinum member... For the first time ever I actually regret not spending more money,

John KreeseJuly 06, 2012

I can't help but feel like NOA has wasted opportunity after opportunity to satisfy the fairly simple desires of its most ardent fans and reliable customers.  I know they don't have to offer Club Nintendo rewards, especially completely premium ones like the Platinum/Gold gifts, and I appreciate the gesture.  But playing cards?  I don't play card games, I play video games.  Like, for example, the "ambassador" games that Nintendo deftly gave away to preemptively placate butthurt early 3DS adopters, which also served as proof that the company is capable of getting these thing right when they really try. 

I was one of those early 3DS adopters, and I still love the idea that my loyalty earned me ten games that no one else will likely ever be able to play on that system.  And that's exactly where NOA should look if they're sick of ungrateful Club Nintendo members whining year after year about their annual freebies: LOYALTY EXCLUSIVITY. 

Whether it's add-on content to popular games, exclusive ports of old favorites, or simply dusting off an old copy of Tingle's Balloon Fight from Japan and letting me order it, this is the way to make us, the continent's Unrepentant Nintendo Fanboys, feel special.  It's also the way to make people who aren't CN members feel stupid for not having put more effort into self-reporting their feelings via survey.  And since I know they couldn't care less about us beyond our status as loyal customers, isn't that the whole point of this exercise?

-John "Getting the G.D. Cards, I Guess" Kreese

broodwarsJuly 06, 2012

I'd settle just for getting the CD Soundtracks that other regions have gotten from Club Nintendo.

And I really hope the Ambassador games appear on the eShop at some point in the near future.  Heaven knows the eShop Virtual Console can use some more good games.

Underwhelming for my first Club Nintendo Platinum.  I suppose i'll get the cards, considering I got 3/4 of the downloadable games. 

I know some mentioned a (maybe naive) hope of them releasing a gold Wii Nunchuck. Would have been really nice for that to be a reality, so I could have one that matched my gold Wiimote from Skyward Sword.

Anyone know of a source for getting a gold nunchuck besides spray painting one myself?

RazorkidJuly 06, 2012

I'm grabbing Metroid II which is not only a game I planned on buying anyway, but it's also the only downloadable prize semi-announced I do not own.  I already own a set of Hanafuda cards and until my man cave is properly established, all my club nintendo posters are stuck in cardboard tubes.

ejamerJuly 06, 2012

Quote from: UncleBob

If anyone seriously doesn't like the Platinum rewards, I'll gift you $20 worth of Wii downloads in exchange for your reward. :D

Assuming the final prizes are as shown here, I'll totally take you up on this offer.  The Platinum rewards aren't terrible but have no appeal for me. On the other hand, there are still plenty of downloadable games on Wii that I'd like to get.

PM me to work out details if you are interested.

Jet PilotJuly 06, 2012

@ LOZman

I'm sure you'll be able to find both the posters and the playing cards on eBay around the beginning of November.

I personally still like the first year's Platinum reward, that Mario Hat really spoke to me. This year, I'm gunning for the playing cards, they're the easiest thing on that list to put into physical storage!

EnnerJuly 06, 2012

Hmm, I don't know whether to get the calendar or The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. I really like the 2012 calendar I got, but I never played Majora's Mask. Ah, decisions.

DrStilesJuly 06, 2012

I'm looking forward to the playing cards as my first platinum reward. I've enjoyed the gold level desk calendars in the past - I guess I like rewards that are more practical than decorative. Game downloads are nice options too! Definitely happy with this year's reward options.

joshnickersonJuly 06, 2012

Quote from: lolmonade

I know some mentioned a (maybe naive) hope of them releasing a gold Wii Nunchuck. Would have been really nice for that to be a reality, so I could have one that matched my gold Wiimote from Skyward Sword.

Anyone know of a source for getting a gold nunchuck besides spray painting one myself?

Yeah, that was me. Oh well, still some nifty prizes, I'm certainly not gonna complain about free schwag. I just need to decide between either the sweet looking cards, or yet more posters I have no room to hang.

I suppose I could always pick up one o' those gold nunchucks on eBay...

(goes to eBay, checks out the prices for the gold nunchucks)

Uh, yeah f*** that. I'll just pick up some gold paint at Lowes...

joshnickersonJuly 06, 2012

The prizes are available for choosing now, by the way. I decided to go for the posters, which according to the description have "special print effects". I'm guessing that means the Luigi's Mansion poster is totally gonna glow in the dark. :)

Vrgin XJuly 06, 2012

Opted for the posters. Like I need more playing cards, and I don't have my Wii hooked to the net :(. But already hve Majora's Mask on a GCN compolation, so...

Shaymin's Guide To Picking Your Club Nintendo Prize
(if someone could turn this into a flowchart, that'd be great.)

What rank did you get?
Do you already have Majora's Mask, either on N64 or as a VC download? (Gamecube version broken, yadda yadda)
Get Majora's Mask
Get the calendar.

Do you have an extra wall for the posters?
Get the posters
Do you have Majora's Mask (Wii VC or N64?)
Get Majora's Mask
Get the cards

All options:
These prizes suck!
Suicide is your only option.

CalibanJuly 06, 2012

I wouldn't mind the posters, but they're not that spectacular, so I went with the semi-transparent wacky cards.

NeoStar9XJuly 06, 2012

Went for the cards. These rewards really are worthless in the end I feel. Especially when I look at the amount of money I have spent  on games just to end up the points I have. Now if they would just offer some of the more unique items that Japan gets I might feel differently. *Sigh* Sometimes I wish they wouldn't even bother.

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorJuly 06, 2012

For those who have made me an offer, when I get home, I'll get in touch with you.  I might be up for a set of posters and two sets of the cards... :
NeoStar - Did you really spent a lot of money "just to end up with points"?  If so, you're doing it wrong.  Inside those packages with the PIN that you redeem for coins?  There's usually a pretty spiffy game in there... :D

Kytim89July 06, 2012

I have about 460 Club Nintendo points, so if anyone is interested in a transaction for the following Virtual Console games then I am all ears:

Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy 3/6
Megaman X
Metal Slug 3
Sonic and Knuckles

I would like to have atleast three on this list. I can not get the rewards for this year, but I can help get something else if they are interested. Please PM me for details on the deal.

AVJuly 06, 2012

I think the cards look great and are something I could actually play black jack with.

I have some posters that are rolled up in the tube collecting dust and the game downloads are worthless because I can buy those and I don't need no stupid calendar.

For some reason when i went to redeem it on club nintendo website it had a photo of the pins from last year. I looked at the link and it said playing cards so i clicked, but it did seem so odd

NESticalesJuly 07, 2012

After 5 years this might be the last year i feverishly rush to make platinum. Nintendo, you gave me a good opportunity  to make platinum with Mad Dog McCree but your payout leaves me feeling like i just bought Mad Dog McCree...

Suppose itll be those crazy cards.

justinbugJuly 07, 2012

@kytim89 how about this https://club.nintendo.com/rewards-details/a/29002.do for the sonic game ?

NintendadJuly 07, 2012

So how do you get to the free download games? I saw the options for the 2 prizes, but didn't see any mention of download games.

Kytim89July 07, 2012

Quote from: justinbug

@kytim89 how about this https://club.nintendo.com/rewards-details/a/29002.do for the sonic game ?

How would I go about getting that reward to you?

vinniebrockJuly 07, 2012

i like 'em. Also: they're free AND exclusive. Nintendo doesn't HAVE to give anything for purchasing their products... no one else does.

Anyway, i got the posters, 'cuz they're totally amazing.

ZiebornJuly 08, 2012

Not to complain overmuch (as the prizes are alright), but I don't understand why P level isn't a G reward plus one of the posters or cards.  I chose Majora's Mask because I missed out on it during my University days, and just wrapped up OoT 3DS awhile ago, so it seemed like a good choice.  However, now I am no better off than someone with Gold status.  All the pile of extra points bought me in the end was extra selections I didn't want.  Additional choice isn't really a prize, as it is not really a choice at all.  It's either "take the special reward you only kind of want or take the prize you want and end up no better off."  It's not much of a choice.  This is especially annoying, as my Gold reward didn't really cost them much of anything, it being a simple download, so my choice saves them the shipping and having to physically produce anything, all so I can waste the extra status. 

I mean, I still have MM, so it's hard to consider that a loss, but I think next year I stop after Gold and save any extra activations until the next year to go for gold again.   

NeoThunderJuly 08, 2012

I think platinum members should get 2 downloads since gold members get 1

NeoThunderJuly 08, 2012

Quote from: Enner

Hmm, I don't know whether to get the calendar or The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. I really like the 2012 calendar I got, but I never played Majora's Mask. Ah, decisions.

Easy, Zelda. I'll take a bad game over the calendar

bam1991dbzJuly 09, 2012

If anyone would like to sell me their reward at a reasonable price please PM me!

Thanks and congratulations to everyone who made the cut!

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