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Japanese Weekly Software Charts for Jan. 7-13

by James Charlton - January 19, 2008, 4:45 pm EST
Total comments: 4 Source: Media Create

Wii Fit sales stay healthy, despite a slow week in Japan.

This week's sales figures from Media Create very clearly show that in Japan, a lot of people are getting fit on their Wiis. It also shows that Nintendo have three million-plus sellers and incredibly, another three games selling over two million.

Although this week showed sales in general are down, this was expected after a large holiday sales rush. Mario Kart DS also managed a fair amount, showing it has tremendous long-term appeal. The always-popular Monster Hunter was the only non-Nintendo platform game to enter the charts.

For those keeping track, Super Mario Galaxy was only just bumped off the top ten to the No. 11 spot.

Sales this week / Total sales to date

01. [WII] Wii Fit (Nintendo) – 90,000 / 1,101,000

02. [NDS] Mario Party DS (Nintendo) – 43,000 / 1,527,000

03. [WII] Wii Sports (Nintendo) – 33,000 / 2,658,000

04. [NDS] Final Fantasy IV (Square Enix) – 32,000 / 537,000

05. [PSP] Monster Hunter Portable 2nd (Capcom) – 26,000 / 1,511,000

06. [NDS] Prof. Layton and Pandora’s Box (Level 5) – 25,000 / 708,000

07. [NDS] Dragon Quest IV (Square Enix) – 25,000 / 1,143,000

08. [WII] Wii Play (Nintendo) – 25,000 / 2,155,000

09. [WII] Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (Nintendo) – 22,000 / 468,000

10. [NDS] Mario Kart DS (Nintendo) – 17,000 / 2,908,000

On the hardware front, the DS and PSP were almost neck and neck. Sony’s machine managed 96,159 units, but was beaten to the finish by the Dual Screen, which sold 97,369 in the same week.

As for the home consoles, the Wii doubled PlayStation 3 sales yet again, managing 84,530 systems sold compared to the 38,907 for Sony’s console. The Xbox 360 managed only 4,690 units.


Nooooo... Mario Galaxy! Come back! Come back!


Originally posted by: Kairon
Nooooo... Mario Galaxy! Come back! Come back!

According to the figures in one of the Sales topics it's number 11 on the list, so it's still right there.

BlackNMild2k1January 20, 2008

It actually says that in the OP right before the Top 10 is listed face-icon-small-tongue.gif

I need to improve my reading comprehension.

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