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Game Boy Advance

Mega Man Zero

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Nine years after the release of Mega Man X for the Super Nintendo, Capcom releases the first chapter in the third saga of the Blue Bomber’s universe, Mega Man Zero. Taking place over a hundred years after the events in MMX6, the story tells us that Zero, having decided to go into a deep slumber for 102 years, missed the entire end of the Reploid War against Sigma and the Mavericks. In the interim, Zero’s long time partner, X, has disappeared, and the city of Neo Arcadia was established in order to provide a place for reploids and humans to live peacefully. Unfortunately, soon after the completion of the city, the human government began arresting reploids with or without cause. Fearful that the reploids would once again become maverick, they drove them out of the city. A lone human scientist, Ciel, leading the last of the escaped reploids, seeks out the legendary warrior known as Zero. Thus, a new story unfolds.

With a new mission-based design, Mega Man Zero takes the series in new more exploratory directions. Using a variety of weapons that he can master, Zero has his work cut out for him...


Genre Action
Developer Capcom

Worldwide Releases

na: Mega Man Zero
Release Sep 09, 2002
jpn: RockMan Zero
Release Apr 26, 2002
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