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Andres Rojas

"A change is taking place in Darren's testicles..." - Body Story ~ Teen Dreams

36, Hialeah, Florida, US

Andres Rojas Staff Writer

Systems Owned

  • Atari 2600
  • Colecovision
  • GB
  • GBA
    • GBC
    • Indigo
    • In order of purchase/acquisition:
      • Jet Black (I wanted Indigo ::cry::) GCN
      • King of Fighters EX Neo Blood
    • Neo Geo Pocket Color
    • NES
    • Nintendo 64
    • Sega Dreamcast
    • Sega Genesis
    • Sega Saturn
    • SNES
    • Sony Playstation
    • Suicine
    • Currently Playing

      • GBA: Mega Man Zero
      • GCN: Super Mario Sunshine

      Games Most Desired

      • a good 3D Castlevania
      • a good sequel to Mystical Ninja 64
      • and something in the vein of Street Fighter 3.
      • another true SNK fighter
      • Any Fire Emblem
      • more 2D Mega Man games
      • more Mario
      • more Zelda

      Favorite Developers

      • Nintendo

      Favorite Movies

      • and many many more (don't even get me started on anime series).
      • Indiana Jones series
      • Princess Mononoke
      • Spaceballs
      • Star Wars series
      • Street Fighter the Movie (funniest movie ever)
      • The Matrix
      • the Monty Python series

      Favorite Music

      • Alph Lyla (Capcom's inhouse band)
      • duh)
      • Hans Zimmer (many many many movies)
      • Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana)
      • John Williams (see Zimmer)
      • Kenchiro Fukui (Einhander ::slobber slobber::
      • Kenji Ito (FF Adventure battle music baby @_@)
      • Koji Kondo (Mario
      • Konami Kukeheia Club (Konami's inhouse rock band)
      • Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy)
      • Scooter
      • U2 (imagine my geeky heart shattering when I found out my favorite band ever was actually the most popular band in the world o_O)
      • Xenogears/saga)
      • Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono series
      • Zelda
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