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Wii U

The Wonderful 101

Hidden Gems: Games You Might Have Missed

We’re making a list and checking it twice. We’re gonna find out what games you might have missed this generation....

by Adam Abou-Nasr, Carmine Red, and Matt West - November 25, 2015

Nintendo Launch Windows Through the Ages

Every system's launch window is just shy of a year, right?...

by Neal Ronaghan - November 1, 2013

This Week in Releases: September 15, 2013

The Wonderful 101 leads this week's releases....

by Zack Kaplan - September 15, 2013

INTERVIEW: A Wonderful PAX Interview with Hideki Kamiya

We sat down with Hideki Kamiya at PAX 2013, and talk Wonderful 101....

by Curtis Bonds - September 10, 2013

Missed Opportunities: The Wonderful 101 Pokémon

This week's thoughts include a TV series and a large 3D world to explore....

by Nicholas Bray - September 7, 2013

Japan eShop Round-Up (08/21/2013)

Are you ready for a Super Famicom text based adventure game from 1999?...

by Danny Bivens - August 21, 2013

BLOG: Play as a Work of Art in The Wonderful 101

His name is Wonder-Art and he delivers "surreal justice." Thank you, Platinum Games....

by Neal Ronaghan - July 31, 2013

INTERVIEW: Interview with Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya

We spoke with The Wonderful 101 (and Viewtiful Joe/Bayonetta) Director about game design, Twitter, and Star Fox....

by Alex Culafi and Neal Ronaghan - June 18, 2013

The PrE3view: What We Expect at E3 2013: First-Party Games, Part Two

The Wii U has several known and unknown quantities at this E3. Here's the lowdown....

by Justin Berube, Tom Malina, Josh Max, and Neal Ronaghan - June 7, 2013

BLOG: The Continual Delay of Nintendo's Wii U Games: Woe is Pikmin

Sorry folks. Only in your dreams will Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Wii Fit U, and Game & Wario all make it out before the end of June....

by Neal Ronaghan - April 8, 2013

BLOG: Nintendo 3DS: Embarrassment of Riches

The 3DS is filled with awesomeness. Also, a hopeful Wii U thought for once....

by Neal Ronaghan - February 18, 2013

Wii U's Launch Window Line-Ups: North America

23 launch games on November 18. Even more after that. Get ready!...

by Neal Ronaghan - September 26, 2012

Wii U's Launch Window Line-Ups: Japan

Japan has a smaller list of launch window games, but it is still strong....

by Neal Ronaghan - September 14, 2012

ROUNDTABLE: Predictions for Sept. 13 Wii U Event

The entire NWR staff predict Wii U price, date, pack-ins and other possible megatons!...

by Patrick Barnett, Justin Berube, Danny Bivens, Nicholas Bray, James Charlton, Michael Cole, James Dawson, Mike Gamin, Andy Goergen, Pedro Hernandez, Josh Max, Zachary Miller, Tyler Ohlew, Carmine Red, Neal Ronaghan, Ariel Ruff, and Minoru Yamaizumi - September 8, 2012

E3 2012 Awards: Best First Party Wii U Game

We've been waiting since 2004 was a new game in this series. The wait might have been worth it....

by J.P. Corbran and Neal Ronaghan - June 14, 2012

E3 2012 Round-Up

Overwhelmed by all of the E3 news, games, and content? We got your back....

by Neal Ronaghan - June 11, 2012

RADIO FREE NINTENDO: Episode 388: Visitation Rights

You wish us to talk even more about Shovel Knight and E3? MEKKA-LEKKA-HI, MEKKA-HINEY-HO...

by James Jones, Jon Lindemann, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - June 29, 2014

RADIO FREE NINTENDO: Episode 353: Host Your Little Heart Out

Everything is back to normal. Almost....

by James Jones, Jon Lindemann, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - October 6, 2013

RADIO FREE NINTENDO: Episode 351: Finally Out of the Entertainment Biz

The passing of Nintendo's domineering president and a money producing scheme he would adore: all in the same week....

by Michael Cole, James Jones, Jon Lindemann, and Guillaume Veillette - September 22, 2013

CONNECTIVITY: Episode 102: Community Service

Rayman Legends, Wind Waker HD, Wonderful 101, an interview with Qubic Games and even a little NFL on this week's show!...

by J.P. Corbran, Alex Culafi, Daan Koopman, Neal Ronaghan, and Scott Thompson - September 14, 2013

RADIO FREE NINTENDO: Episode 345: Conditional Decisioning

We look at the Wii U's fall lineup, and Kim rolls a spooky strike with Undead Bowling why would I write that...

by James Jones, Kimberly Keller, Jonathan Metts, and Guillaume Veillette - August 4, 2013

CONNECTIVITY: Connectibite: E3 Nintendo Direct Reaction

The gang discusses today's E3 Nintendo Direct....

by Patrick Barnett, J.P. Corbran, Zachary Miller, and Scott Thompson - June 11, 2013

CONNECTIVITY: Episode 87: Time and Space

Nintendo Direct and Xbox One reactions, a rocket quiz, and the Doctor Who finale recap!...

by Patrick Barnett, Nicholas Bray, Jonathan Metts, Neal Ronaghan, and Scott Thompson - May 24, 2013

CONNECTIVITY: Episode 51: Ride the Train

Wherein we discuss all things Wii U. All aboard! ...

by Patrick Barnett, Josh Max, Zachary Miller, Neal Ronaghan, Jared Rosenberg, Ariel Ruff, Mike Sklens, and Scott Thompson - September 15, 2012



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The Wonderful 101 Box Art

Genre Action
Developer PlatinumGames

Worldwide Releases

na: The Wonderful 101
Release Sep 15, 2013
jpn: The Wonderful 101
Release Aug 24, 2013
eu: The Wonderful 101
Release Aug 23, 2013
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