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NWR Hype Meter 2016 Preview Results

#25 - #21

by Justin Berube and Neal Ronaghan - January 22, 2016, 9:25 am PST

They may be the least hyped on the list, but you guys still want them!

25. Shovel Knight Amiibo / DLC

Hype Level: 4.74%

Shovel Knight is truly the gift that keeps on giving, as this 2014 Wii U and 3DS release already had a major expansion in 2015, adding the Plague Knight campaign. Well, here at the start of 2016, the Shovel Knight Amiibo launched along with new content including co-op on Wii U. We're also due more free DLC, including campaigns for Specter Knight and King Knight.

24. Kerbal Space Program

Hype Level: 5.11%

Originating on PC back in 2011, Kerbal Space Program puts players in control of Kerbals, a goofy looking race of green creatures who need your help to build a functioning rocket to go into space. That's no easy task, as the complex orbital physics in the game make successfully launching a rocket tough. The Wii U version, announced back at PAX Prime 2015, will use the GamePad to help you easily design your spaceships when it launches early this year.

23. Project Giant Robot

Hype Level: 5.11%

Project Giant Robot was shown at E3 2014 as one of Shigeru Miyamoto’s new projects. The goal of this project, along with its sister game Project Guard, was to create more software that took advantage of the Wii U’s unique GamePad controller in fun ways. Still, we haven’t heard anything about the project since that initial E3 reveal. Since it’s been so long since we’ve seen it, we have no idea what direction the game has taken. It could be very similar to what we’ve seen, or taken a vastly different form. The game has been mentioned on Nintendo release lists for some time, so it’s still coming and we’re all still excited to see what Miyamoto has been cooking up.

22. Rhythm Heaven (3DS)

Hype Level: 5.47%

Still not confirmed for release outside of Japan, we remain hyped and hopeful for Rhythm Heaven’s 3DS debut to make it out in America. This Rhythm Heaven game brings back a variety of the games from the series’ past. It uses button controls, much like Rhythm Heaven Fever on Wii. For a first time in the series, it also features a story, so you can now have a reason for playing all those dastardly remix stages.

21. Pokémon Red / Blue / Yellow

Hype Level: 6.57%

In our first Hype Meter, the hope for a sequel to Pokémon X and Y translated to tangible hype. This time around, it looks like the straightforward re-releases of the first three Pokémon games are satiating that hype. Set for release 20 years to the day after Pokémon launched in Japan, these three games are, as far as we know, straight ports of the Game Boy originals with wireless trading added in.



ejamerJanuary 22, 2016

Any chance Kerbal will get a retail release? Interested in the game but still dislike buying digital unless it's a minor game or application.

Very much looking forward to lots of Dragon Quest this year. Just playing through VI now and having a blast - I know it's terribly old-school but that's not a bad thing in my books.

Also, is Pikmin 4 really a sure thing? My kids LOVE the series, and we could easily handle another game using the same assets and gameplay as Pikmin 3. Doesn't have to be a lot of big changes - just more content with a few tweaks and surprises.

Glad to read this list today. Really haven't been excited about 2016 but it's clear there are a few bright points on the horizon.

SorenJanuary 22, 2016

7 out of 10 this time.

1- Fire Emblem Fates
2- Genei Ibun Roku #FE
3- Rhythm Heaven: The Best +
4- The Legend of Zelda Wii U
5- Star Fox Zero
6- Kerbal Space Program
7- Steamworld Heist Wii U
8- Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
9- Bayonetta Amiibo
10- Shovel Knight Amiibo

Mop it upJanuary 22, 2016

I can't remember if I participated in this, but I'm looking forward to these games from the article, in this order:

Final Fantasy Explorers
Zelda Wii U
Dragon Quest VII
Pikmin 4
Metroid Federation Force
Dragon Quest XI (though I'm not hopeful it will release in NA)
Mario and Luigi Paper Jam
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD
Dragon Quest VIII
Picross 3D 2
Bravely Second
Genei Ibun Roku #FE

Leo13January 24, 2016

I'm very happy to see that while I put them in a different order, my top 5 exactly matches this top 5.
I was also happy too see Yooka Lalee and Rhythm Heaven on the list (although I don't think we'll get Rhythm Heaven)

Evan_BJanuary 24, 2016

If the Paper Mario news had dropped a month earlier, it would have catapulted itself to my number 2 spot. Behind Zelda.

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