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E3 2012 Round-Up

Wii Games

by Neal Ronaghan - June 11, 2012, 12:03 pm EDT

There aren't many, but they are still worth going over.

  • Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (Publisher: Disney, Developer: Junction Point, Release Date: November 18, 2012)
    Preview, Screens, Guillaume's Impressions, Patrick's Impressions
    The sequel to 2010's Epic Mickey adds a second character and supposedly fixes the camera. The demo showed off the tutorial, a side-scrolling platforming level, and a boss fight.
  • The Last Story (Publisher: XSEED, Developer: Mistwalker, Release Date: July 2012)
  • Skylanders: Giants (Publisher: Activision, Developer: Toys for Bob, Release Date: Fall 2012)


geoJune 11, 2012

Wait, wait... Sing and ninja gaiden are being published by nintendo?

CericJune 11, 2012

What about Hardware impressions?

house3136June 11, 2012

I was wondering; will there be any Assassin’s Creed III impressions? There was a Wii U demo with the GamePad on the show floor. Maybe you’ll be covering this in an upcoming podcast. Or maybe I just missed it in the other podcasts.

You guys have done some great work; and the quality of your NWRExclusive videos is unmatched. Thanks for bringing us a taste of what the future holds.

Dear god. That Netflix video. That Netflix video!

Assassin's Creed III wasn't playable. We could watch someone play it.

There will be a preview in the coming days.

house3136June 11, 2012

Ah, thanks Neal. That’s why any video I saw was of the rep demoing it.  Ubisoft is really being quiet with this one. I only hope that means something special is being integrated. For instance, maybe controlling the ship by tilting the GamePad and aiming with the thumb-sticks; who knows?

TenserJune 11, 2012

Code of Princess?

Chozo GhostJune 11, 2012


Overwhelmed by all of the E3 news, games, and content? We got your back.

What about those of us who were underwhelmed? Do you have our backs as well?

red14June 11, 2012

If it wasn't for the release dates, I'd get these games in this order:

Paper Mario SS
Luigi's Mansion DM
Kingdom Hearts DDD
Rayman Legends
Tekken Tag 2
Assassin's Creed III
Darksider's II

Would anyone blame me if I wasn't impressed by a single Wii U title?

shinyray01June 12, 2012

Quote from: geo

Wait, wait... Sing and ninja gaiden are being published by nintendo?

Took the words right out of my mouth.

Not only is Nintendo publishing Ninja Gaiden, they're helping with its development.

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