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Returning to Poké-mania

by the NWR Staff - April 9, 2012, 10:42 pm PDT
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Do you have what it takes 2.B.A Master?

Returning to Poké-mania features the staff of Nintendo World Report recounting their experiences and memories of Pokémon's biggest and most popular era, from the early days of the card game and anime to the launches of the movies and game sequels.


AilingforaleApril 14, 2012

Yeh, I can't tell you the amount of hours I put into Pokemon Blue and how many times I had defeated the Elite Four only to return and do it more and replay the game over again.  I own Black, but now play it more as a passive thing to get my Pokemon on when I need a fix, but can be summed up by my comment to a friend, "Oh, Black has an Elite Four as well eh?"

Evan_BApril 15, 2012

You'll always be my Gary Oak, Josh.

C-OlimarApril 15, 2012

I care that you skipped Ruby and Sapphire. It is much, much better than Diamond and Pearl.

Also, @Ailingforale, the Elite Four is a major part of the Pokemon games - if you want a unique Pokemon RPG try Collesseum and XD. The main series should stick to the same formula, besides, there are plenty of decent spin offs which provide decent twists on the series.

TJ SpykeApril 15, 2012

Quote from: C-Olimar

I care that you skipped Ruby and Sapphire. It is much, much better than Diamond and Pearl.

I have to disagree, I think Ruby and Sapphire are the worst of the mainline Pokemon games. Having looked around, it looks like many people agree with that. They are the only ones I have not beat (besides Black and White, which came out just as I started playing video games less often).

nickmitchApril 15, 2012

I only played Emerald because I was so disinterested in Gen III, and I have to agree that it was the worst gen, at least for me. The gen I remakes were good though. And I ended up loving Gen IV. Maybe more than Gen V, but that one's not over yet, so we'll see.

C-OlimarApril 15, 2012

I'm aware that they are considered the worst generation, but for me they are around 3rd-4th best. Hoenn is my favorite region since it is quite big and has some interesting and creative towns. However, my favorite games are Gold and Silver. Anyway, whilst I did like Diamond and Pearl, they are my least favorite games. They were just not very captivating for me.

I caught a legit mew on my recent play through of blue, was fun to actually catch it. Easy to do as well.

TJ SpykeApril 18, 2012

Funny how it took like 14 years for someone to figure out a legit way to do that (it was announced in 2010).

Theres a way to get celebi in gold and silver now too. Although it takes a little more effort, I will try it down the road though.

TJ SpykeApril 18, 2012

Really? I would have loved that back then. Kinda cool.

Ryadin91April 21, 2012

Quote from: C-Olimar

I care that you skipped Ruby and Sapphire. It is much, much better than Diamond and Pearl.

Personally I think the 3rd generation was the most over looked generation. When they came out I think Pokemon was kind of dropping in popularity for a while.
It's kind of a shame because I really loved that generation and I remember the most about that game.

My friend and I had fun with the secret bases, plus hearing about the stupid comments on the TV about them.

They really should have kept the day/night graphical differences though.

Ryadin91April 23, 2012

True, but man, if Nintendo were to make a remake of this game (Ruby/Sapphire for 3DS)......OH MAN I'll be first in line at walmart or target or WHEREVER the hell will have it at MIDNIGHT!

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