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Episode 51 - NEWS KNIGHTS

by Danny Bivens and James Charlton - February 28, 2015, 7:23 am PST
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The 2live (Fami)crew coming at you with a hefty dose of Japan news!

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Your regular scruffy-beard-and-glasses duo are back for another LIVE episode. Now not live, here for your offline listening pleasure!

New business is short, because Danny has advanced one level in the skill-tree of life, meaning games have taken a backseat for now. JC on the other hand has been playing a third party WiiU game. Stop the jokes, they do exist. Anyway, it's Batman, and it's his first since one the SNES!

The rest of the show is news, news and more (Japan) news! Topics include Pokemon Shuffle, Tingle and LGBT views in Japan, Splatoon (non) voice chat, Rodea the Vapourware Soldier, 2D Metroid games on 3DS, TVii (see below for a live video demonstration near the end), Amiibo unlocking VC trial versions, plus much more!

If that wasn't enough, the news discussion moves onto the Investors Report, and the Xenoblade X (cross not eks) information blowout coming out of Japan. Will Danny finally find a reason to get a Shulk Amiibo?

The last segment is reading out all you wonderful people's tweets and messages, including a few late-coming episode 50 ones. We really appreciate all of them, and definitely reply and retweet anyone with anything (nice and/or constructive) to say about your favorite* Nintendo Japan podcast!

So grab your cowl, clear out your WiiU fridge, and get ready for another exciting journey to the land of Japan!

This podcast was edited by Danny Bivens.

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famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)March 01, 2015

We forgot to publish a reminder for the live show this time, meaning we had less people watching live this time.
Hopefully it won't happen again this month (March)!

Oh and by the way, because of episode 50, we're flipping the order, so now it'll be live show at the end of the month, regular "studio" show in the middle. Please understand!  :D

chilenozoMarch 01, 2015

Great show guys

So I assume guys you either read or saw the Splatoon Japanese interview and can confirm that the developers really said that there won't be any voice chat during the game? (at most in the lobby)

Well Nintendo has to start learning the hard-way then. I am not buying, and I hope many other fans follow. As simple as that, it was one of my most anticipated games, but in 2015 they still insist with antiquated practices. They claim this BS that they do market studies. In NA, at least that's what they claim why they didn't bring the regular New 3DS to NA. It's just BS and lies, and maybe laziness to do the hardwork and take some risks. I am not buying a 3DS either (and I do have money to throw at them).

It's 2015 and no cross-buy yet?, 2015 and still a cumbersome account system?

And the worst, not a decent online?

I can't forgive me when I see 3rd party developers doing a better job on the Wii U with their voice chat, the COD games all work fine with voice chat, and MH3U on the Wii U has the best voice chat that even remains during loading time!

And if they are planning another console, you would think that they try to experiment with some of those issue on the Wii U or 3DS, which tells me that they will keep their awful un-western  practices.

Well keep selling bad then.

azekeMarch 01, 2015

Batman: Arkham Origins:

Yeah, that weapon switching is definitely not-intuitive. Not only the directions are kinda wrong but you also have to hold it or something. And it's never, never explained -- you're just have to figure it out yourself.

I had similar problems with Arkham City where i was stuck on one place for 40 minutes just because i completely forgot i even have the move where can slide under the gate and i thought i have to use batarang or something.

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