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Prize Giveaway: What's Your Pick for Wii U / 3DS Best of E3?

by the NWR Staff - June 16, 2014, 10:41 am PDT
Total comments: 114

Name your choice for the Wii U or 3DS game that wowed you at E3, and you could win eShop credit or game downloads!


The giveaway is over! Thanks everyone for your entries, posts, and stories! It's exciting to see what caught everyone's attention, and even how some people couldn't restrain themselves to just one or two games! Some NWR staffers even joined in even though they aren't eligible to win!

The winners by random drawing, who will also be contacted by PM separately, are:

AdmanAbou, who wins the $20 eShop Code!

Phoenixman, who wins the Advance Wars Wii U VC DL code!

Eiksirf, who wins the Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Wii U VC DL code!

Don't forget that we can also work with you if you'd like to receive a different prize from our alternate Nintendo World Report prize list!

Once again, thank you everyone for your participation and look forward to ANOTHER prize giveaway very soon!

Original Post:

The NWR staff have already given out their E3 accolades, now it's your turn to name your pick and possibly win some prizes along the way! Merely respond to the NWR Forum Talkback thread for this article (via the "Add to the discussion" link below) with your chosen game, be it a landmark blockbuster or indie darling!

A $20 eShop Code, as well as Wii U eShop download codes for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and Advance Wars, will be awarded at random to qualified entries! (And if those don't do it for you, we've got an NWR alternate prize list that also has an assortment of accessories, games, and paraphernalia you can choose!)

Winners will be chosen Wednesday night, so don't wait too long!

If you need to peruse the candidates more closely, be sure to check out the full spread of Nintendo World Report's E3 coverage!


AdrockJune 16, 2014


PhilPhillip Stortzum, June 16, 2014

Splatoon came out of left field and is wonderfully creative to boot, so I choose that for Wii U. Meanwhile, for the 3DS, I think I was most impressed with Fantasy Life.

Fatty The HuttJune 16, 2014

Tough choice but I will have to go with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. I got to try it at a Best Buy which was fun and ignited several Brawl tournaments at my house throughout the weekend.

Mite000June 16, 2014

I would also have to give it to Splatoon. It was such a fresh idea, and no one saw it coming. I'll be looking forward to giving it a shot.

phoenixarisenJune 16, 2014

Splatoon looks awesome and even better it came from nowhere without being leaked. But I have to give it to Zelda, it looks amazing even if we know nothing about it.

Well the obvious choice might be smash for both, but watching the tree house for Bayonetta 2, I think it snuck ahead for my game of e3 (altho every game shown for Nintendo looked great). I'm really excited about Steam for 3ds. Overall a great showing for Nintendo :).

r6m14June 16, 2014

Splatoon, I'm exited about this game I want it now!!

SyrenneMcNSyrenne McNulty, Contributing WriterJune 16, 2014

Has to be Fantasy Life, since I never thought I'd get to play that in English. I hope the multiplayer is cross-region, so I can hand my friend the English version and system and play against them with my Japanese version.

FlovnatJune 16, 2014

The one that stood out to me the most was Splatoon. It's always cool to see Nintendo create neat new games. Another one that stood out to me was Devil's Third, which looks surprisingly fun and is quite a departure from Nintendo's usual style.

ProctorbJune 16, 2014

The two the really surprised me were Bayonetta 2 and Splatoon. Bayonetta prior to this E3 meant absolutely nothing to me, but everything I got to see (in conjunction with the first game packed in) have essentially convinced me to get it. Splatoon was also just a complete surprise to me, I have very little interest in that type of multiplayer-centric game, but it seems so charming and considerably more interesting than the typical shooter fare.

TheXenocideJune 16, 2014

Despite the fact I'm kind of bored with Mario side scrollers (there are so freaking many, now), I'm going with Mario Maker. I really want that! I really like the idea that we could actually get something new in Mario with user generated content! 

GerandpaJune 16, 2014

Splatoon definitely looked the most interesting but I'm going to have to go with Fantasy Life since it's more my genre of games

bizcuthammerJune 16, 2014

Just one? If I had to pick, it'd be the reveal of Legend of Zelda on Wii U. Open world with a beautiful art style. I can't wait to find out more.

Also absolutely loved Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Codename STEAM, both Smash Bros games and Mario Maker. 2015 looks to be a very, very good year for fans of Nintendo games like myself.

Surprisingly enough, Yarn Yoshi, now known as Yoshi's Wooly World, would have to be my pick.  Lest we forget what it looked like just a year ago:


There's just no denying how much work they've put into this game.  When I saw the game last year, I was tepid about it, and just wishing it was Kirby's Epic Yarn 2, because that's basically what it looked like.  Now it's like a mixture of Yoshi's Island with a fleshed out yarn world ascetic, and I'm sincerely interested in it now.

EnnerJune 16, 2014

Xenoblade Chronicles X is my pick for the Wii U game of show. The two 40+ minute demos of the beginning of the made the game look what I dreamed it would be. The vast vistas, character class system, crazy Japanese sci-fi story, and more have further solidified the game as my most anticipated title and personal system seller.

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy - Curtain Call is my pick for 3DS game of show. It's not the most flashy or original game, but I love a good rhythm game, Final Fantasy music, and the first Theatrhythm. The staggering amount of songs in the base game has me eagerly awaiting to tapping my touchscreen (or buttons) to the beat of great music.

aznxchunkyJune 16, 2014

Xenoblade chronicles for me.  that game looked so amazing, I cant wait to play it
I was also excited to see bayonetta 2

Vampire-JekyllJune 16, 2014

Splatoon by a mile. I'm glad to see many of the classics like StarFox and Zelda, but Splatoon looks like a very promising new IP for Nintendo.

Evan_BJune 16, 2014

For Wii U- I'm actually going to have to give this one to Devil's Third. I know it sort of snuck under the radar and it does look hyper-violent and a bit under-powered in the graphics department, but I was listening to the stellar Treehouse coverage and heard about the lore and mythology behind the character and music design, as well as more details about the oddly appealing multiplayer aspects, and it won me over in that time. What impresses me is the fact that Nintendo has chosen to work with another developer on a mature title for exclusivity on Wii U- sure, it doesn't have the (slightly) wider appeal of Bayonetta 2, but it is an original IP and a very different type of title for Nintendo to publish. They're really pushing to make the Wii U's library as varied and rich as they possibly can, and even though Devil's Third looks quite thuggish, it has a very charming and sweet underlying message and effort.

For 3DS, it is Code Name: Steam. I have always loved the turn-based strategy genre, but I feel that too many titles have relied on an archaic, board-game gridlocked style of play. Steam seems ambitious and extremely different, and, if balanced well enough, could become a favorite of mine on the under-appreciated handheld.

DangmovieJune 16, 2014

Splatoon!  No doubt about it!

1337brianJune 16, 2014

Hands down Super Smash Bros for 3DS. I was skeptical at first but then saw your footage and I'm convinced it will be one of the best portable games ever made!

nhainesJune 16, 2014

I hate to jump on the Smash Bros. train, but between the Mii and Amiibo features plus the fact that it's the only game I actually got to play, it's looking really fantastic.  And beautiful.

Plus, the 3DS version appears to be shaping up to be very interesting, too.  So I'm definitely looking forward to more information.

Most disappointing missing megaton announcement for E3 this year: Art Academy for Wii U.

PicoliJune 16, 2014

I can't be more excited for Super Smash Bros.!

I don't care that they didn't really show it, the fact that they're making Star Fox beats anything and everyone else as far as I'm concerned.

(Yes, I realize I'm not eligible to win, I'm just excited about Star Fox and John Brooks.)

relewis2011June 16, 2014

Wii U: Yoshi's Wooly World

3DS: Fantasy Life

SOOOO many excellent titles to choose from. Definitely one of Nintendo's most memorable E3 in terms of software shown, in my opinion.

a-amanitinJune 16, 2014

I'd have to go with Mario Maker. It is in essence a spiritual sequel to Mario Paint, and I really hope we eventually get to see a revived music maker and fly swatter game in the final build.

At the end of E3, Nintendo admitted that new Metroid games were being discussed internally. 2D and first person. Yay!

KhushrenadaJune 16, 2014

Where were all of these people when I was trying to get more sign-ups for the current mafia game?

As for me, I'd have to go with the Wii U game that's getting all the press: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. I know it's the obvious pick but its obvious since it is so good.

As for the 3DS, I'd have to go with the real and true Harvest Moon game, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. Natsume looks to be cooking up something special in this version.

MrBittermelonJune 16, 2014

After having a chance to demo all of the Nintendo line-up, the only game that got me all giddy inside was Splatoon. Don't get me wrong, the other games were all very exciting and fun. However, Smash Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Bayonetta, and etc are all something we've seen from Nintendo. And once you get your hands on Splatoon, you'll be wanting more!

RickyBamBamJune 16, 2014

I don't know why, but Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire really grabbed my attention. Aside from an old game being remade, there are tons of added feature that have yet to be released! Nintendo is very good in making you feel excited for something new or great. Really looking forward to the 3D effects! ;D

ScorpRockJune 16, 2014

Yoshi's Wooly World

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorJune 16, 2014

Splatoon.  Nothing excites me more. :D

Triforce HermitJune 16, 2014

Xenoblade Chronicles X was the best looking Wii U game. It is following up on the amazing Xenoblade Chronicles, it is showing off a bigger world, and character customization was unexpected change. The story sounds a bit stereotypical, but I have faith Monolith won't disappoint. Really excited for it and the best looking game of E3 all together.

For the 3DS, I have to say Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. Yes it may not be canon. Yes it may be a spin off. But you know what, I have been looking forward to it before E3 and the announced Premium Edition guaranteed a a pre-order for me.

alexdev7June 16, 2014

Most likely Zelda Wii U 2015. Although I love the classic formula that the conventions that most Nintendo games portray (they still are magic), it will be interesting to see a game be influenced by Western influences such as Skyrim.

SorenJune 16, 2014

It's Splatoon. There's no other choice really.

ejamerJune 16, 2014

Wii U: Xenoblade Chronicles X
3DS: Fantasy Life

My picks are probably not fair. These aren't games that my impressions were radically altered about due to E3 or complete surprises... but they are the games I'm most excited about and eager to play. So that's good enough for a "best of E3" in my books.

joelahughesJune 16, 2014

I like Mario Maker, I think it will be cool to make your own levels. I can't wait to get it!

Leo13June 16, 2014

I couldn't possibly vote for anything besides Xenoblade Chronicles X! Xenoblade was incredible and I think there's a slight chance this one could be even better.

chilenozoJune 16, 2014

WiiU: Bayoneta 2: Nice graphics, nice gameplay, even better promo of Bayo 1....excellent value!,,,hopefully this will be THE platinum game everyone supports and if they like it ppl will try W101

3DS: S.T.E.A.M.  Intelligent Systems are the guys to go!...they know how to make tactical games!

iwatananaJune 16, 2014

Splatoon. It was the most innovative shooter I've seen in a long time. Who would've thought that teenage girls and squids would go so well together? :D

joshuaghughesJune 16, 2014

i liked mario party 10

mustbeburtJune 16, 2014

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker! 

RazorkidJune 16, 2014

It's Splatoon all day. I was impressed by all the software showcased during the Treehouse Live stream, but from it's intro in the Digital Event to the first extensive demo shortly there after on Treehouse, Splatoon took the show for me.

Codename STEAM here. Something new, takes inspiration from a game that needs more love, and has that trademark Nintendo wackiness.

azekeJune 16, 2014

Bayonetta 2. Can't get enough of Platinum.

Codename STEAM for 3DS. Really liked Intelligent System's concious decision to show as few numbers as possible. Liked Overwatch system.

SarailJune 16, 2014

Splatoon. Totally. Nothing impressed me as much as did its chaotic nature and gameplay mechanics.

science peteJune 16, 2014

Gotta be Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U.  Surprisingly, I never played Xenoblade, despite the fact that I love JRPGs.  However, I'm definitely going to be playing through Xenoblade in anticipation for the sequel.  Now I just have to get my hands on a Wii U...

marvel_moviefan_2012June 16, 2014

I liked Spaltoon and Captain Toad the most. Also Pac-Man in Smash Bros. makes me want that game so much.

Padawan of WinduJune 16, 2014

The most exciting thing shown for me was everything!  But if I had to pick one, Xenoblade Chronicles X!!!

purevalJune 16, 2014

Splatoon. Something I have been hoping Nintendo would make for years, yet never thought they actually would. Really wish it was coming out this year. Looks like a blast to play.

PhoenixmanJune 16, 2014

Splatoon for sure. It's innovative, adorable, and just came out of nowhere, and went straight into our heartts.

TeaHeeJune 16, 2014

I have wanted to see what Nintendo could do for years with an online shooter, but to actually see Splatoon was still pretty amazing.

AwesomeUnicornJune 16, 2014

I'd really love to say Xenoblade Chronicles X, but the one game that hit me in the feels was Yoshi's Wooly World.  The entire presentation felt so lovingly crafted, and it really feels like it is a game that is radiating with Nintendo magic.

DarkCoolEdgeJune 16, 2014

My WiiU pick is Zelda although Yoshi and Toad came close.

My 3DS pick is Super Smash Bros. It is gonna be awesome.

DillonbuskirkJune 16, 2014

Splatoon blew me away with how unique and playful it was! Definitely can't wait to get my hands on it!

AdrockJune 16, 2014

We certainly have an influx of new forum members showing up in this thread who will surely post often, foster discussion, and become highly contributing regulars to the NWR online community.

KyoudaiJune 16, 2014

E3 2014 Best of Show for Wii U: XENOBLADE CHRONICLES X
Most certainly this single title will be Monolithsoft's grand masterpiece, their vision of gameplay, world, story, music, and depth of scope! Everything about this title is utterly astounding! It is unreal the sheer amount gaming content packed in this 2015 release, and there's more informative details to come!

Is there really anyone trying to create and develop titles this massive like Xenoblade Chronicles X in general, let alone release it on a single platform!? Yet, here it is solely on Nintendo's Wii U home console! Not from a studio unfamiliar with these types of games, not from a developer unknow or unqualified. XCX is Monolithsoft made, and the Big N is surely beating its chest in the triumph of this title!

The humanity is trying to make due with warring outsider events much bigger than themselves, which eventually forces them to leave behind planet Earth before it's completely destroye! You wake-up from stasis as a survived evacuee, informed about man's troubled plight on an all foreign planet.

I am ready to explore and unravel all of Xenoblade Chronicles X, are you!?

KhushrenadaJune 16, 2014

Quote from: Adrock

We certainly have an influx of new forum members showing up in this thread who will surely post often, foster discussion, and become highly contributing regulars to the NWR online community.

Not me. I just want to get my hands on as much free stuff as I can and then I'm outta here so fast I could turn off the light switch and be tucked in my bed before the room goes dark. Laterz.

chawinuparaJune 16, 2014

Definitely Splatoon! Best of E3 for me.

steveyJune 16, 2014

Splatoons but I really liked Devil's Third and Hyrule Warriors too

IanAugustJune 16, 2014

I'm going to have to give it to Splatoon. The most interesting thing Nintendo has come up with in awhile. It looks like a cross between a Nikelodeon and Pixar cartoon third person shooter and looks interesting enought to give it a go. Will it be a full fledge packaged game?

RugiaJune 17, 2014

Splatoon for sure it reinvents a genre in dire need of it.

charunuparaJune 17, 2014

I think the best of E3 was Super Smash Bros for both 3DS and Wii U.

TheBigKJune 17, 2014

I'm gonna have to go with Mario Maker. I'm not much into creating levels myself, but I'm really looking forward to playing levels other people make! It'll be fun to have my friends and family see if they can break me.

HeckenritterJune 17, 2014

My vote goes to Zelda Wii U. What Aonuma said about it being more open to exploring pretty much summed up what I like most about the Zelda series.

The Nostalgic GamerJune 17, 2014

I Know it was a blurry image, but I have to say Star Fox.  I have been waiting for a release like this forever considering we won't ever get the original on virtual console do to licensing agreements and the 64 virtual console version is at least a few years away do to the 3DS remake.  I have faith that this will be a very inventive use of the game pad and it will fill a whole across multiple platforms as 3D console space themed shooters are rare these days (I realize there are a ton of 2D indies).

I'm also interested to see how Project guard is incorporated into the plot.  I could envision many different scenarios in which fox and his team are captured and maybe Slippy hacks into the cameras to remotely guide them out of the prison without detection (stealth inc?).

Overall, great E3 as every game really had some of that special Nintendo magic that the industry desperately needs.

KisakiProjectJune 17, 2014

For WiiU I'm gonna go with Splatoon.  It looks really interesting.  Gears and Halo have gone down hill and I never liked Call of Duty.  So there is a void for shooters in my life.  It looks great and totally different.  Plus when Reggie said he wanted to to do shooters what mario kart does to racers how could I not want it?  I hope it is a success!

For 3DS.  Fantasy Life!  I was super excited when this game came out.  I wanted it to come out in the west.  However, I thought it was hopeless.  So the excitement was palpable for me.

ImDanCollJune 17, 2014

I'll have to say Yoshi's Woolly World, which I was really surprised that the trailer and videos got me that pumped but it looks like so much fun and ridiculously charming.

MidRetroJune 17, 2014

Wii U : The Legend of Zelda Wii U

I feel like this game will revolutionize the series. I'm very excited to see where Anouma goes with this.

3DS: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.

I'm a big fan of Intelligent Systems and I'm excited to see who they do with this IP. I really hope this is Nintendo ' s answer to Valkyria Chronicles.

TheMasterJohnnyJune 17, 2014

Mine would have to be The new Pokemon Games!

mike27June 17, 2014

Smash 4 was my game of the show. It seems to be everything I want and it's going to get more playtime then any other Wii U game when all is said and done.

Fiendlord_TimmayJune 17, 2014

Smash Bros. Wii U - Easily my most anticipated game of the year. The character choices so far have been interesting and diverse. They even managed to make Miis look fun to play, which I was very skeptical of. I'm not sure how I feel about them spending the time to make 3 different movesets for Miis though. I'd rather they spend that time on more highly requested characters. Glad they're releasing the Gamecube controller adapter, since that's my favorite way to play, and I can just use all my existing controllers to play with friends. What more is there to say? It's Smash, and I'm SO EXCITE.

Xenoblade Chronicles X - A sequel (sorta?) to my favorite game of last generation? YESYESYESYES. Looks like they're not changing too much of the gameplay from Xenoblade, which is absolutely fine by me. Plus, the returning emphasis on gorgeous vistas and a grand sense of scale is so great to see. Sad to see it pushed into 2015, but I want the game to be as expansive and full-featured as possible, so I'm ok with giving them more time to make the game even more awesome.

Codename S.T.E.A.M - Intelligent systems is one of my favorite developers in the business. The first 2 Paper Mario games and the Fire Emblem series have long been some of my favorite games ever. And Awakening showed that their strategy game chops are nearly unimpeachable. It's fantastic to see a new IP with a unique style and art direction as well. I've always enjoyed the fact that with Fire Emblem, they include iconic and varied characters, and they have expressly stated that that is a focus of this game as well. The gameplay looks to be like Valkyria Chronicles, which I liked, but there seem to be subtleties to the gameplay that will make it even better.

Nintendo really dominated the show this year. I have to say that the only thing that excited me this year was Bloodborne, and that really has nothing to do with what was shown. I just have faith in From Software to make an awesome game. I'm really glad to see that they're not just the Souls game factory now, and that they get to branch out and do something new.

Oh and Metal Gear Solid V, but we've known about that for a while. Still looks pretty great though.

tylerohlewTyler Ohlew, Staff AlumnusJune 17, 2014

Bayonetta 2.

Platinum Games has a piece of my heart. Each and every one of their releases speaks to me, and Bayonetta 2 may even top The Wonderful 101 as my favourite game ever. It's absolutely stunning, and ups the ante in every regard. Time will tell, but I'm rooting for her.

Mop it upJune 17, 2014

My choice would probably be Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. Because Toad is awesome and it's nice he's finally getting another starring role, with his name in the title, no less!

Other things were nice too though. Mario Maker is something I never thought Nintendo would do, Splatoon looks like a fun new concept, Codename STEAM could be interesting, the new Kirby could be fun, I didn't think Fantasy Life would release outside Japan, and even Mario Party 10 is looking good.

xhjonJune 17, 2014

I am excited for the new Yoshi's Wolly World/ Yoshi's Epic Yarn

iMenchiJune 17, 2014

It's hard to choose between Splatoon and Mario Maker, but because Mario Maker is a game that I have hoped for for a long time, and Splatoon was a great surprise, I will go with Splatoon for Best of E3 on WiiU.

There wasn't much for the 3DS that really jumped out at me, so I will go with Super Smash Bros. as the Best of E3 on 3DS.

I don't expect to win the prize, but if I do will it work on my Canadian WiiU account?

The best Wii U game was Yoshi's Woolly World. It looked beautiful and I love the idea of co-op play!

Quote from: iMenchi

I don't expect to win the prize, but if I do will it work on my Canadian WiiU account?

I want to say that the NA codes will work for a Canadian account, but don't worry. If you win the prize and are in a territory that can't use the prize as is we can work with you to figure out a solution.

TurdFurgyJune 17, 2014

I really want to say Zelda Wii U, but I just have to go with Splatoon because it just seems so unexpected and fresh.
I don't know if it was at E3, but they released a video about it during that time, but my 3DS choice would be Gunman Clive 2.

- NintendoFan -June 17, 2014


fordrobJune 17, 2014

Woolly World because GoodFeel

JovenJune 17, 2014

WiiU best? Zelda.. they're finally starting to make me want one
3DS? Monster Hunter 4. Finally! Online MH on a portable! WHY 3 didn't get it is simply beyond me. What were they thinking?!

khfan30June 17, 2014

I'm gonna have to go with Captain Toad for Wii U. I think if done right they can come up with some clever/unique levels. ;D

PFunk007June 17, 2014

Yoshi's Woolly World - watching a Paratroopa explode into strings of yarn is a thing of beauty.

ayahuascamushroomJune 17, 2014

I'm going with mario maker as the one thats captured my imagination the most. As for 3ds seeing the single player SSB in action looked nice. hard to pick one title or announcement the E3 showing was strong really strong and us patient Wii U owners are in for a fun ride.

MirpkeredJune 17, 2014

I was all about some Smash Bros. However, I was very interested in Splatoon.

rlse9June 17, 2014

The great thing about this E3 is that it's hard to pick just one game.  I can't remember the last E3 Nintendo had where there were so many games with so much variety I was interested in.  I'm tempted to say Splatoon since it's the most interesting shooting game I've seen in a long time.  I'm tempted to say Captain Toad since I like Toad and it looks fun.  I'm tempted to say Yoshi's Wooly World since I really liked Kirby's Epic Yarn and Yoshi is awesome.  I'm tempted to say Bayonetta 2 since I wasn't interested in that before E3 and it's definitely on my radar now.  Project Guard definitely looks interest.  I love the thought of another good Starfox game.  Smash looks awesome.  Hyrule Warriors looks good.  Mario Maker will be a blast, not because I'll be any good at making levels but because other people are going to make awesome levels, I'm sure.  Zelda looks early, but awesome.  My pick is basically Nintendo, they brought it this year for the Wii U.  If I had to choose one game, I guess I'd have to say Yoshi's Wooly World since I know I'll really enjoy that, I'd go with Splatoon based solely on what they showed at E3 but I'm so bad at shooting games that there's a good chance I won't enjoy it as much.

alanacialJune 17, 2014

Even if I waited years, and in the preceeding weeks to E3 I was unable to sleep, only to be revealed a short clip.. Zelda Wii U is still my pick. It's a bit of fan boy I understand, but even if Aonuma had just givin me a title and a rendering of the logo I would probably have been happy just the same. With its long time in preproduction, receiving a video was expected by me, but I think back to Skyward Sword and its past teaser and all we received was an image of Fi and Link... nothing more... so I am thankful for what we all got and made it easier to be even more excited about it.

Captain Toad would be next on my list though. When they mentioned its title, at first I was put off by a game based solely around Toad and his inabilities, but after the Treehouse exclusive I can't wait to buy it as well.

n-phageJune 17, 2014

WiiU: Hyrule Warriors I think it will be great to finally be able to play as some of the other characters from the Zelda franchise.  The game looks significantly better now than when they first showed a trailer for it.

3DS: Fantasy Life This is one of several games that was shown years ago that I hoped would get localized.  Nice to see it is finally being released here.  Better late than never.

OtoJune 17, 2014

Splatoon for wii u, steam for 3ds

MetaKnight64June 18, 2014

Wii U: I am really looking forward to Yoshi's Woolly World. I loved Kirby's Epic Yarn, and this looks to top it. I really like the art design, and the creative things that the developers have been able to do with it.

3DS: Fantasy Life became the game that I am most looking forward to on the 3DS, after watching the Tree House play through. It looks like a great game, especially with the multiplayer.

SundoulosJune 18, 2014

Honestly, if there had been an actual demo of the game there, I probably would have picked Starfox because I just love Starfox.  Otherwise, it's difficult for me to pick anything other than Super Smash Brothers Wii USplatoon would come in at a close second for me because I'm excited about the multiplayer possibilities, and this is a direction in which I would like to see Nintendo continue to go.

For 3DS, I'd have to go with Project Steam because I love tactical games.  The initial comparisons to Valkyria Chronicles interests me because I've always wanted to play those games but never owned a system on which they were available.

KhushrenadaJune 18, 2014

Quote from: rlse9

The great thing about this E3 is that it's hard to pick just one game.  I can't remember the last E3 Nintendo had where there were so many games with so much variety I was interested in.  I'm tempted to say Splatoon since it's the most interesting shooting game I've seen in a long time.  I'm tempted to say Captain Toad since I like Toad and it looks fun.  I'm tempted to say Yoshi's Wooly World since I really liked Kirby's Epic Yarn and Yoshi is awesome.  I'm tempted to say Bayonetta 2 since I wasn't interested in that before E3 and it's definitely on my radar now.  Project Guard definitely looks interest.  I love the thought of another good Starfox game.  Smash looks awesome.  Hyrule Warriors looks good.  Mario Maker will be a blast, not because I'll be any good at making levels but because other people are going to make awesome levels, I'm sure.  Zelda looks early, but awesome.  My pick is basically Nintendo, they brought it this year for the Wii U.  If I had to choose one game, I guess I'd have to say Yoshi's Wooly World since I know I'll really enjoy that, I'd go with Splatoon based solely on what they showed at E3 but I'm so bad at shooting games that there's a good chance I won't enjoy it as much.

What? No mention of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse? I know eveyone else keeps picking it but that's no reason not to mention it. A good game is a good game.

nickmitchJune 18, 2014

I gotta say that for my money, Splatoon got me most excited.  It's the perfect example of Nintendo finally A) Entering a genre they don't cover; B) Shaking up a genre; C) Showcasing new IPs; and D) Putting young, new devs in the forefront.  It shows all the signs of Nintendo continuing to make the best games in the world while at the same time doing the things we all have been wanting them to do (e.g., focus on online game play).

For 3DS, I wold have to say it's Smash Bros.  Getting the chance to play it at the Best Buy event was great.  The game looked fantastic (though, there was some issues with playing on a smaller screen), and Smash Run was a blast to play.  And it seemed like setting up local multiplayer was incredibly easy.  It was just a matter of switching modes and there was no waiting to set up the room or for players to enter the room before getting in to it.  Controls will take some getting used to though.

The Kirby game is an easy runner up.  I love the return to canvas curse and I love the clay style.  That game looks great.  It's a welcome sequel.

SirAntawnJune 18, 2014

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, it just continues to amaze me!!!

DigitalricketJune 18, 2014

Definitely gotta go to Splatoon for Wii U and for 3DS it'd have to be Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. Both are games doing something completely different... well, in the case of Kirby we gotta admit that not a lot of people played the original since it had come out before the DS Lite craze.

VictoryStar926June 18, 2014

Having never played a Dynasty Warriors game, I am very excited for Hyrule Warriors (it's also kind of cool that it comes out on my birthday) i'm also excited for the 3DS Pokémon Omega Ruby I'm a giant Pokémon fan and it seems like a lot of fun to be able to go back and play the older games in 3-D. And for Wii U games coming out next year, save Zelda Wii U because we have no clue what it's going to be like aside from the trailer, I am super hyped for Xenoblade Chronicles X. I'm currently playing the first Xenoblade right now and it is a breathtaking game! I can only imagine what it will look like an glorious HD

CrankyTapirJune 18, 2014

I'm a little ashamed to admit it but I'm really looking forward to Amiibo.  I want to collect those figures so badly.

alex20June 18, 2014

It´s a tough choice for me because all the games were great but if i have to choose my picks are for Wii U: Kirby and the rainbow curse , and for 3DS: Fantasy Life

Link 70222June 18, 2014

Bayonetta 2 counts, right? I wasn't really excited for it until this E3, the trailer this year just blew me away. That, along with the fact that it comes with the original game, is just fantastic.

NintendadJune 18, 2014

WiiU: Xenoblade Chronicles X
3DS: Fantasy Life

jmoratayaJune 18, 2014

Fantasy Life... being a Nintendo published game...

EiksirfJune 18, 2014

It's cliche, but Zelda wowed me. Just the look of the world has me ready to jump on the Wii U bandwagon for the first time. I'll be shopping for a refurbished system to save some cash, and I'll probably start my collection with Mario Kart 8. Zelda did that.

brasileiro007June 18, 2014

Mario Maker... I have been waiting for this my whole life! I can't contain my joy.

Winners will be chosen in an hour! Last call for entries!

SetaimxJune 18, 2014

My favorite Wii U game was Xenoblade Chronicles X; I was blown away by the first 45 minutes they showed during the Treehouse livestream. That world is so huge and I can't wait to dive into it.

Favorite 3DS game of the show had to be Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. A new IP from Intelligent Systems (that's also a strategy game) always gets me going!

The contest is closed! See the updated story for winners!

Man, I had to disqualify a staffer because he was one of the random numbers I'd drawn!

AdrockJune 18, 2014

Forum regulars should have had extra entries because I like to win things and that would have greatly improved my chances.

TurdFurgyJune 18, 2014

Awww, I wanted the prizes. Can we redo it?

Quote from: Adrock

Forum regulars should have had extra entries because I like to win things and that would have greatly improved my chances.


Quote from: TurdFurgy

Awww, I wanted the prizes. Can we redo it?

We'll be doing another one very soon!

EiksirfJune 19, 2014

Awesome, thanks for doing this. You just made my decision to pick up a Wii U that much easier!

KhushrenadaJune 19, 2014

And I'm sure that even though the prize has been handed out, we'll still see plenty more people still post here to tell us what their favorite game of E3 was.

But I must say that I'm disappointed that the winners weren't chosen by having the correct answer of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.

Mop it upJune 19, 2014

I think the winners should have to make at least 100 posts before they can get their prize.

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