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Sonic the Hedgehog

Smashterpieces Podcast BONUS - Sonic Adventure 2

Is that what Chaos Control is?...

by Joe DeVader and Matthew Zawodniak - February 22, 2021

CONTEST: Summer of Amiibo Week 6

Gotta go fast! Tune into our latest Nintendo News Report Program for a chance to win our Week 6 Amiibo giveaway prize! Update: Congratulations to the winner!...

by Carmine Red - July 29, 2015

Our 2015 Nintendo Predictions: Addison Webb, Contributing Editor

Mario returns, Sonic is saved, games are announced, and some classic "please understand" moments....

by Addison Webb - January 12, 2015

INTERVIEW: Sonic Boom Interview with Evan Baily 

One of the showrunners of the upcoming Sonic Boom TV series Evan Baily talks with us about preparing for the show, exchanging ideas with game developer Big Red Rutton, and more....

by Josh Max and Jared Rosenberg - February 12, 2014

INTERVIEW: Sonic Boom Interview with Bob Rafei 

The co-founder and CEO of Big Red Button Bob Rafei discusses the Wii U version of Sonic Boom with us.  ...

by Josh Max and Jared Rosenberg - February 8, 2014

Sonic and the Story of a Franchise Reborn

Many successes within recent years have put Sonic back on the gaming radar....

by Zack Kaplan - October 16, 2013

Beyond the Pixels

Just what is over there behind the curtain?...

by Nicholas Bray - July 12, 2013

INTERVIEW: Interview with Sonic Team's Takashi Iizuka 

We spoke with the producer of Sonic Lost World about level design, pancakes, and Smash Bros.  ...

by Michael Cole, Jared Rosenberg, and Guillaume Veillette - June 24, 2013

Grinding Game Gears: An Overview of Sonic's Portable Origins

A bunch of Sonic's Game Gear escapades are on 3DS now. What is the deal with them?...

by Neal Ronaghan - June 21, 2013

The Year in Review: 2011: PLAY ALL THE GAMES IN 2011!

Daan Koopman plays as much as possible in 2011!...

by Daan Koopman - January 21, 2012

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