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FCC Filing Hints at New Switch SOC, Memory Components for Switch Dev Kit

by Carmine Red - August 26, 2020, 8:12 pm EDT
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UPDATE: These filings indicate that Nintendo is updating Switch Dev Kits as opposed to the consumer level Switches


Further inspection of the FCC documents now suggest that the listing refers to the Development Kit hardware for the Nintendo Switch, and not the Nintendo Switch itself. If so, it's still not clear why Nintendo is making modifications to its dev kits, whether it's a routine update of components or indicative of more substantial changes planned for the console.

Original story follows:

New FCC filings made available just this past week indicate that Nintendo intends to swap out the SoC and Memory components of their Nintendo Switch console. This is similar to last year when FCC forms detailing internal hardware updates preceded the releases of the Lite handheld and "revised" versions of Nintendo's console.

Specifically, the FCC filing documentation seems to indicate that Nintendo is applying for the following changes:

  • Change of SoC
  • Change of Memory
  • CPU Board is changed due to the above two components.

"SoC" refers to a "System on Chip", referring to the modified Tegra X1 chip that is known to be driving the Nintendo Switch and contains the CPU and GPU components. "Memory" refers to the device's RAM, where the current version uses LPDDR4X memory.

That said, while the FCC can tell us that Nintendo may be planning on using new chips, so far it doesn't seem to reveal HOW Nintendo is using them. The revised 2019 Switch hardware models utilized their upgrades for increased battery life as opposed to significant bumps in power.

Nevertheless, the timing of these filings is fertile ground for speculation and the rumors. The question remains as to when Nintendo will reveal new Switch hardware, and the extent, if any, such hardware could bring new feaures or added graphical power to Nintendo's hybrid console.


RABicleAugust 26, 2020

No change to the screen then or are they not required to file those changes?

The FCC is concerned about things that would use radio spectrum, so the screen wouldn't necessarily be part of that per se. Still, the fact that they're looking to change the SoC and memory suggests that they're going to do SOMETHING that would require additional power.

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