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Pokémon Gray Hinted at by New Movie?

by Pedro Hernandez - January 4, 2012, 6:26 pm PST
Total comments: 7 Source: (Pokebeach), http://pokebeach.com/2011/12/new-forme-for-kyurem-...

The long-rumored Pokémon Black and White update might be coming soon.

An ad for the next Pokémon movie may be throwing hints of a possible Pokémon Gray, based on speculation by Pokebeach.com.

The ad for the 15th movie is featured in the latest issue of CoroCoro magazine, and amongst its headlines it states the following: “What mystery is hidden in Kyurem?” and “Kyurem’s unseen power will be revealed!”

The source speculates that based on previous release schedule sequences, an announcement for Pokémon Gray could be made sometime in April or May, with the long-rumored 3DS remakes of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire coming in 2013.

Until Nintendo officially confirms the existence of a Pokémon Black and White update, this should be taken as fan speculation.


CaterkillerMatthew Osborne, Contributing WriterJanuary 05, 2012

Very interesting indeed. I am completely convinced a grey is on the way.

BlackNMild2k1January 05, 2012

I don't think it's a matter of if or when, but more a matter of where.

Where will Pokemon Grey land? DS or 3DS?

xcwarriorJanuary 05, 2012

This has to be coming to 3DS. Would I buy it though I already have Black? Hmm, decisions...

NinSageJanuary 05, 2012

I have loved every PKMN game I've played (Platinum, Soul Silver, Leaf Green, White) but after catching them all several times, I am officially waiting for a PKMN MMO or something similar (PKMN x Animal Crossing?) before I jump on board again.

I'm just tired of playing such a "social" game only to find that my only interactions are with people who rage-quit losing matches.

LUIGI205January 05, 2012

Well, considering Nintendo already has 3D models for the newest generation completed, I wouldn't be surprised if the game landed on 3DS. However, no Pokemon game has ever jumped between consoles before. Also, that quote is very ambiguous, so it can mean a number of other things we haven't thought about.

AdrockJanuary 05, 2012

There are 15 Pokemon movies? Jesus... The last time I watched any of the anime series Ash was still walking around with Misty and Brock and he hadn't defeated all of the gym leaders yet.

1takauchihaJanuary 05, 2012

This is great news. I've always loved Pokemon, but Black and White are absolutely amazing, definately the best so far. I've been waiting for news of Pokemon Gray for months. As soon as it's released and a patched version comes out I've gotta try it <3

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