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Episode 487: NX and the Little Capitalist That Could

by James Jones, Greg Leahy, and Jon Lindemann - July 31, 2016, 9:00 am EDT
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We have the foremost coverage of the biggest Nintendo news this week, Level-5 Vision.

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Guillaume is out this week, and he picked a great week to do it, in no way missing out on any major rumors. Instead we're joined by friend of the show Syrenne McNulty, the first of a parade of guests/fugitives we'll be featuring/harboring in Gui's absence.

Given our love of Kill Bill's Ironsides siren, we decided we couldn't wait until the second segment to talk about the most recent NX rumors. Eurogamer claims to have multiple sources that have identified NX as a console/handheld hybrid, and we spend what feels like multiple hours discussing it. There's an email here, so technically this is Listener Mail. So you can send us your technicalities via our inbox.

After a break, it's time for New Business! James leads off with Freedom Planet, a Sonic-inspired neo-retro platformer. I understand that James and Sonic in the same sentence rarely goes well, but you can probably keep your pitchforks where they are for this one. Jon is one week closer to finding himself ejected from RFN so that he can pursue his true passion, a Pokémon Go podcast. Syrenne proves herself a lunatic by hacking Fire Emblem Fates to make it more sadistic, before describing her love of the upcoming Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice. Lastly, Greg solicits thoughts from the crew on the recently-announced Lady Layton, not expecting this to turn into a condemnation of Level-5's money-grubbing soul. He does finally get to take us away from all this ruthless capitalism, with thoughts on Pokémon Yellow...oh. Well, he also has prepared research on the money to MyNintendo coin exchange rate during the Curve Digital sale...oh, again.

We'll undoubtedly have more thoughts on NX and business next week. Thanks to Syrenne for joining us!

This episode was edited by James Jones. The "Men of Leisure" theme song was produced exclusively for Radio Free Nintendo by Perry Burkum. Hear more at Bluffs Custom Music's SoundCloud. The new Radio Free Nintendo logo was produced by Connor Strickland. See more of his work at his website

This episode's ending music is Super Bell Hill remix from Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on Wii U. This ending was requested by Zonic via the NeoGAF thread. All rights reserved by Nintendo.


ClexYoshiJuly 31, 2016

I think I would have flown off the handle at Syrenne's Bubsy comment and either completley embarassed myself in public, or completley embarassed myself in private and made this podcast an effective nightmare to edit. It's a good thing I am BAD at speaking and I'm only a fan of this show and not actually on it.

To correct James, http://66.media.tumblr.com/40d56c5ed4ce6ff045605f563dc16f6c/tumblr_nxfdh3dptF1s3akkro1_1280.jpg there IS a box.

Like, let's get things straight here. I actually could give a rat's ass about the NX right now. I'm trying to build an expensive computer right now on a less than minimum wage budget. The NX would have to be the second coming itself to get me to really give a damn and drop my current plans to purchase it.

you guys badmouthing Sonic 1?  that's what has gotten me down here. I think it's better than Sonic 2 because the level design is just better at presenting Sonic as a platformer in a fair manner than... really, anything in that series aside from maybe Sonic CD? Sonic 3 and Knuckles is kinda a chore to play through the whole thing in one sitting, and Sonic CD is less about sitting down quick for some fun and more about really exploring the level design and taking everything in.

while I actually prefer Sega Master System Sonic 1 or Sonic Advance 1, Sonic 1 is the sonic game I own more copies of than anything else and often times is what I sit down to play should I feel the need for a quick fix. Often times, I will play a Romhack of Sonic 1 that doesn't nessesarily change the level design at all, but rather the playable characters, because the variety of level design tends to be a good showcase for just putting cool ideas in the context of a solid and iconic game.

but yes, much like James, I grew up not having a genesis. I don't know how in the hell I became such a giant zealout, because my first Sonic Game was the PC version of Sonic 3D Blast. momentum based isometric platforming on a keyboard. yeah.

... Gex is probably one of my favorite mascot platformers that isn't the immediate like... 3 or 4 you think of. y'know, 3DO kid and all. >_>;; and no, Carol is NOTHING like Gex. she if anything, plays like say... what would happen if you put Zero into a momentum based platformer.

Still, I do respect your opinion on this, James. I'm sorry that Freedom Planet's tweaks to the sonic formula (Enemies don't do contact damage to break up the flow. there's never any traps that come out of nowhere or that off-screen the heroines!) weren't enough to where it'd click for you.

If James' praise of the soundtrack has you interested... http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/radiotrivia/42319/episode-141-herman-munster-tribute-band it was featured in an episode of Radio Trivia~!

To be clear, I don't think anyone in this game is LIKE Busby or Gex, just that some of the personalities fit in with that era of character design.

EnnerAugust 01, 2016

Great show.

Really enjoyed the discussion/picking-apart of the latest rumors and speculation. It helped me see some details as very un-Nintendo-like.

ClexYoshiAugust 01, 2016

I feel tha tit's not nessesarily that many of the characters (outside of the villan, Lord Brevon, strangely enough) really go about dropping one-liners that are meant to be sarcastic one-liners that break the fourth wall in the same way Bubsy does or be some sort of Meta pop-culture fountain.

If anything, there's very few voice clips used in level, and probably the most apt way to describe the game's presentation is that mostly lines up with something like Sonic Adventure, especially given the way the stories overlap on each other. it's the one way that these games are linked extremely directly. it really hammers home the Sega Saturn missing link vibe that Sonic Mania is now coming in to usurp from Freedom Planet.

actually, that's actually something that the devs have announced for Freedom Planet 2... they're keeping the current voice cast, but they're also ging to be adding new characters who are more professional voice talents on top.

I really am glad that you get why I head-over-heels love the game SO much and can recognize the quality, even if the game isn't for you, James.

I can finally shut up about it instead of prattling on about it in every thread the game ever comes up in. XD

Disco StuAugust 01, 2016

It's actually kind of impressive how consistently I disagree with almost every single opinion that James voices.

LemonadeAugust 01, 2016

The NX talk was great, it got me thinking about stuff. This would never happen, but if the NX was basically an Xbox One S hardware clone with an updated Wii U Pro Controller with the Gamepad's motion sensors, would that be enough to satisfy most people and get major third party support?

I have been wanting a 3DS successor, so I like what I hear about the specs of this new thing. But as a home console, it still cant handle anything better than Wii U, so it wouldnt get all the big cross platform games.

I played Freedom Planet earlier this year and I really like it, except for the last two bosses. I didnt finish it because of that. I like how they included an attack button, so you can do more than just jump on enemies.
I haven't played Sonic 2 or 3, but I would say Freedom Planet Is the best Sonic game I have played.

Ace Attorney 6 sounds great. I loved 5, so Im really looking forward to playing the new one.

Disco StuAugust 01, 2016

I posted my comment above before I got to new business and agreed with everything said about Freedom Planet. Well played Mr. Jones.

daverhodusAugust 02, 2016

Quote from: Lemonade

The NX talk was great, it got me thinking about stuff. This would never happen, but if the NX was basically an Xbox One S hardware clone with an updated Wii U Pro Controller with the Gamepad's motion sensors, would that be enough to satisfy most people and get major third party support?

It would satisfy me. I don't play mobile or handheld games. But most of Nintendo's market is in mobile and handheld games. Switching to mobile graphics makes sense for Nintendo. It's more flexible and portable. NX basically being a tablet that you can attach things to or insert into something is interesting. Mobile graphics would allow Nintendo do more creative stuff like that in the future. I imagine mobile graphics and PC graphics will get closer to each other as time goes on. Neo, Scorpio and New 3DS show that the days of a static piece of hardware lasting 5-10 years are gone.

nickmitchAugust 03, 2016

Greg read my post on the show! Neat!

I just want to say about this week's discussion that the grass starter is NOT "easy mode" for Gen II.  It helps you at none of the gyms, and none of the elite 4.  Plus, there's the bellsprout tower at the very beginning, which can be very tough with Chikorita (and Totodile too, to be fair).

ClexYoshiAugust 03, 2016

I would also like to further reinforce the Grass=Easymode thing by saying that Rowlet is also going to be an exception that unless it's built to be a glass cannon (given the leaked archer design for his final evolution, this may be the case), Flying/Grass is not a good type combo. it is a type combo that Tropius has, and Tropius is a not very good Pokemon. in addition to being X4 weak to ice, X2 to rock, X2 to Fire, and X2 to Flying, and X2 to poison. the only notable resistances are 1/4 grass, a ground immunity(that got up-converted from a resistance), water 1/2 and fighting 1/2?

First, off, Grass is one of the weakest offensive types because it's got 7 resists Vs. 3 super effective hits that are covered by better offensive types. in the grand scheme of things, it's not hard to x4 resist Grass.

Water and fighting are decent resists to have, and any immunity is a good immunity.

being rock weak CRIPPLES so many pokemon thanks to stealth rocks, but thankfully it's not X4 weak to rock. that being said...

Ice has been a ubiquitous type coverage type for AGES. being able to cover the holy trinity of Ground/Dragon/Flying has been so important to so many pokemon that carrying ice type stuff is a must. in addition, Rock is also carried commonly by offensive and quick pokemon to take out fliers and Fire as a pocket against the ever frustrating bug/steel combination.

Flying type offensive spam also became a thing in Gen 6, what with the likes of talonflame's priority brave bird and all the stuff out there that can throw out compoundeyes Hurricanes.

With a bad typing that probably is going to make Poplio more dangerous to it than litten, one really has to hope it will be able to out-speed and do good damage with it's attacks. The good news is is if it is indeed the glass cannon i am speaking of, it does have the ability to block out other grass type's annoying status shinanigans and reply with flying type fury. I can say without a doubt that this is the Breloom killer!

SonofMrPeanutAugust 04, 2016

I'm definitely with James when it comes to the NX's concept seller/"a-ha" moment.  If not immediately at launch (which would be ideal), said game should be available no later than Holiday 2017.  We should absolutely be seeing a preview of it during this year's system reveal presentation.  We can't have another Super Mario Maker-style delay of that moment.

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