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Episode 383: Trigger Fishing

by Curtis Bonds, James Jones, Jon Lindemann, and Guillaume Veillette - May 18, 2014, 8:14 pm PDT
Total comments: 13

Curtis subs in for Jonny, but we still manage to talk about everything from the Xbox One to the Magic Kingdom, from NFC Figures to million-dollar press events.

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With Jonny out this week, James "The Iron Man" Jones is once again tasked with hosting. Joining him are Jon "Suddenly Reliable" Lindemann, Guillaume "Please, Never Stop Editing" Veillette, and special guest Curtis "Special Guest" Bonds. Per hosting rules, Curtis leads off with a look at Disney Magical World (3DS) and Kirby: Triple Deluxe (3DS). Jon, who took nearly a year to buy a Wii U, follows up with early impressions of the Xbox One and a brief digression on its very recently announced Kinect de-bundling. Gui then leads the crew on an expedition into Abyss (Wii U) and manages to correctly pronounce 3DS puzzle game Tappingo. James wraps up New Business with a confused, angry, and just over-all dramatic look at the Game Boy Color game Legend of the River King, a strange early entry to the 3DS Virtual Console library.

After the break, the crew discusses some of the more juicy Nintendo news of the last few weeks. First is an exploration into what "merchandising deals" means, in the context of Nintendo's long-term strategy and how the recently announced NFC figurines figure into them. Skylanders references are kept to a minimum. Next up, James gives the crew the opportunity to take back any previous statements about the "stupidity" of not having an E3 press conference again this year, in light of the fact Nintendo will not be having an E3 press conference again this year. Jon steadfastly refuses to budge, James sets up the question to let himself escape previous statements, but the rest of them are a bit less decisive.

If you enjoyed hearing from Curtis, be sure to check out his weekly news show Nintendo Weekly Report. Additionally, our E3 plans are still evolving, so watch this space for more details as we have them; rest assured you'll be getting as much of us as you'd ever desire to consume. Lastly, send us your questions and comments! The rapid onset of E3 gives us limited opportunities to answer your questions with predictions that will ultimately prove incorrect.

This podcast was edited by Guillaume Veillette.

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EnnerMay 19, 2014

Good show.

Commenting on the feature discussion, I hope Nintendo's NFP plans are interesting and unexpected. Given some assumed practical limitations of the figurines and the placement of the NFC chip on the GamePad, it will be a disappointment if all it is is holding a figurine to the GamePad for a few seconds to copy save data and other information between a figure and different games. Though it may be silly and pointless, I wouldn't mind if a game asks you to set the GamePad down to place one or multiple figures on the GamePad for an extended period of time. The GamePad could then display a Pokemon Amie-like minigame for the figurine currently on the NFC chip. Hmm, recalling the silly games that are apart of Wii Pary U, I am totally expecting something akin to what I said above for NFP.

As for Nintendo's E3 2014 plans, I'm sure history will prove that it's function as an information delivery method will be just as efficient as a live press conference. However, E3 is not about history, but is about the moment. I can't help but be disappointed that Nintendo is not making fools of themselves live on a stage. That said, their live streaming plans are surprisingly aggressive and progressive of them. The live Smash Bros. 4 tournament and the live footage from the booth hosted by Treehouse are things I did not expect from Nintendo. As for the big presentation that is the Nintendo Digital Event, I do hope that Nintendo not plainly calling it a Nintendo Direct means that they realize the Direct style will not suffice for E3 and that this presentation must be something special (i.e. spectacularly dumb rather than amusingly awkward).

PlugabugzMay 19, 2014

Has the AAC feed been updated? Nothing has appeared and clicking refresh furiously makes no difference.

azekeMay 19, 2014

Watching Abyss videos remind me of Earthworm Jim missions where you swim as a worm:

Also Curtis needs to do the whole Curtis and Dark Curtis routine.
I'm joking, don't actually do that, dear god

Quote from: Plugabugz

Has the AAC feed been updated? Nothing has appeared and clicking refresh furiously makes no difference.

Top men have been dispatched.
Top. Men.

Seriously though, I'm surprised the XML file hasn't collapsed into a singularity at this point given its file size.

Feed has been fixed.


Yeah, it's not unlike this stage, either.


KDR_11kMay 19, 2014

EWJ2 was such a confusing game, the levels that actually use the game's core gameplay are so few they're almost a gimmick. Everything else is non-sequitur minigames.

TheXenocideMay 19, 2014

Legend of the river king was easily the most entertaining James Jones rant ever!

K-S-OMay 19, 2014

Coincidentally, Hardcore Gaming 101 just released a podcast dedicated to Legend of the River King.  I haven't heard it yet but I assume that it will entertaining.  HG101 usually makes good podcasts.


Retro DeckadesMay 19, 2014

Regarding the NFC figures, Nintendo often takes consumer value into consideration, so it will be interesting to see exactly how they implement these.

SorenMay 20, 2014

I'm surprised nobody went with the "You are Tom Nook" joke in the Disney Magical World discussion.

Curtis was awesome.

broodwarsMay 20, 2014

How did no one make a joke about Cocoto Fishing Master during the Legend of the River King, especially in an episode hosted by James Jones? C'mon! "You must 5 Millennial Fish to wake the great god, Geo, from his slumber and prevent the world from being destroyed!"  :P:

rlse9May 21, 2014

The rant about River King was quite amusing.  I haven't played any of the old games in the series but did put quite a few hours into the DS version which I found pretty enjoyable, basically the Harvest Moon of fishing games.  Definitely wasn't as confusing and out there as the version James played.

pokepal148Spencer Johnson, Contributing WriterMay 25, 2014

I just heard James hosting and my immediate reaction was 'oh shit'

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