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Mega Man X2 (Wii U VC) Review

by Zachary Miller - June 20, 2014, 6:21 pm EDT
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This time, it's personal.

About a year after releasing Mega Man X, Capcom released its sequel—an impressive turnaround time given the amount of original content. This December, MMX2 will be twenty years old, but it hasn’t really aged a day. While not as mind-blowing as its predecessor, MMX2 is still ridiculously fun and challenging, and you’d be insane not to pick it up.

The plot involves a group of three villains called the “X Hunters” stealing Zero’s body parts and challenging X to find them. After defeating two Mavericks, the Hunters start teleporting around the map, and each Maverick level contains a path to one of these optional bosses. The X Hunters do provide a healthy challenge, and if you don’t defeat them all, you’ll have to fight an evil version of Zero in the final stage. The new Mavericks are colorful and fun to battle, and the music is arguably better than MMX (Overdrive Ostrich’s theme is particularly memorable). The level design has also been taken up a notch—you’ll find Heart Tanks, Subtanks, and Dr. Light Capsules in some interesting places that often require you to use your weapons in interesting ways (Strike Chain, Spin Wheel, and a fully-charged Speed Burner are quite useful).

There are a few downsides: several Heart Tanks are hidden in awkward areas that require irritating precision to reach—particularly the one in Crystal Snail’s stage. The game breaks its own rules in the placement for Bubble Crab’s Subtank, and after a fairly difficult trek to the secret Dragon Punch capsule in Sigma’s fortress (hint: it’s in the third area), the Dragon Punch itself is pretty much useless, although you can score some cheap hits on Sigma’s wireframe final form with it.

Still, the pros far outweigh the cons, and with help from Restore Points and Miiverse, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting to 100%.


  • Arguably better level design and music
  • Good alternate uses for a few Master Weapons
  • Tougher than MMX, especially if you go after the X Hunters
  • Dragon Punch isn't worth the effort
  • Some poorly-placed items


PhilPhillip Stortzum, June 20, 2014

I found the original more difficult due to Sigma's final form. That said, once the patterns for the X-Hunters have been figured out, it's very easy to beat them, although Serges' massive mace seems to randomly bounce around, making it difficult to guess where to dodge.

I agree that Crystal Snail's Heart Tank is a serious pain. If I recall correctly, you have to dash jump from the robot armor, then use Flame Stag's charged special attack to even have a chance of reaching it. Even then, it's hard to reach. Thankfully it's near the beginning of the stage!

Even that didn't work for me. I had to dash-jump with the Ride Armor, jump out at the last second, then use Strike Chain at exactly the right moment to grapple onto the wall then QUICKLY hop up to the Heart Tank. Took many, many tries. Thank Arceus for restore points.

I would also argue that once you figure out the safe spot on Sigma's X1 final form (stand on the edge of his hand), he's super-easy, especially with the Hadoken. Wire-frame Sigma (in X2) doesn't even have a health bar.

PhilPhillip Stortzum, June 21, 2014

Yeah, that heart tank is a pain regardless. A person needs a lot of luck and fast button presses for that one. I've never tried the Strike Chain method. Then you have folks online who do it so easily in YouTube videos. Bah humbug to them, I say!

As for both Sigmas in X2, I find both very easy to beat. The latter is a joke with Wire Sponge's special weapon in the eyes. X1's final form where you needed to stay at the head's level to attack it was hard. The machine's attacks took off A LOT of damage. I recall needing a lot of spare health reserves for that one while X2 I didn't need any. X3 and X4 is a different story, however!

iDraTionJune 21, 2014

For the snail heart, tapping the booster lets you cover more distance than holding it.  3 or 4 separate boosts should get you safely onto or on the front edge of that platform, at least that's how I remember it feeling recently.

Friggin X3 Sigma, man, what a pain cuz the hitbox on his head is so damn small!  I picked up X4 PS1 copy recently, tried playing it on PS3 but there was so much input lag that I stopped on the intro stage and haven't picked it back up.  Want to try to find a solution to that, but I don't know if there is one.

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Genre Action
Developer Capcom

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na: Mega Man X2
Release Jan 02, 2014
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Release Oct 09, 2013
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Release Nov 14, 2013
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