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Electronic Super Joy 2 (Switch) Review

by Jordan Rudek - October 1, 2020, 5:09 pm EDT
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Do orgasm sound effects turn this platformer into foreplay?

Electronic Super Joy 2 is, unsurprisingly, the sequel to Electronic Super Joy, which I reviewed here. While feelings of “super joy” are definitely part of the experience, they only come after countless failures, but that’s just a hallmark of the brutal platformer niche. Like Super Meat Boy and Celeste, the immense difficulty is part of the charm of Electronic Super Joy 2, and this sequel adds new power-ups and mechanics that make it even stronger than its predecessor. You probably already know if you’re a fan of these types of games given just how many there are, and if that’s the case, this is one you don’t want to miss.

The first text you see after starting the game proper reads: “The Devil has a sexy butt. It’s made of pure gold,” and that should give you a decent idea of the humor at play in Electronic Super Joy 2. Reaching a checkpoint or respawning from one elicits an orgasm sound effect, alternating between a man and a woman, and on-screen will regularly use curse words, but you can remove these elements by turning on PG Mode, which I recommend. You probably don’t want people on the bus or train thinking you’re doing something else with your Switch, right?

Across over 70 total stages, including the bundled-in DLC, you are tasked with jumping, dashing, butt stomping, and avoiding all manner of projectiles as you make your way from the beginning of each level to the next. The stages vary in length, with longer ones housing a handful of checkpoints that make progress easier to achieve. After just a half a dozen stages the difficulty ratchets right up, which is sure to separate the dedicated platformer players from the Sunday Mario brothers, and sisters. For those who have played the first game, it’s nice to see that the second isn’t just a new set of stages; a full-screen dash, quintuple jumps, and rotating-screen segments add excellent variety to the standard platforming, and even in the back half of the game you’re certain to see new obstacles and challenges.

One particular stage is worth describing in detail, and it shows up about halfway through the game. The character has just been introduced to his mom’s new boyfriend, a giant tentacled monster, and against a green background, the screen scrolls left to right as you jump from tiny platform to tiny platform playing “catch” with your soon-to-be new daddy. The monster throws baseballs that you need to jump into to launch back at him, and shoots out a hand that you have to high-five just as often. If you miss five balls or five hand slaps, the stage ends, and this was one of the toughest and most unique levels I’ve ever seen in a platformer. It really has to be seen to be believed.

Overall, the movement feels good, even if the hitboxes can be a little suspect at times. The weight to the jumping makes the primary action of the game immensely satisfying, and restarting after a fall is incredibly snappy. The checkpoints are neither generous nor punishing, and collectables come in the form of Golden Butts (seriously, and they open up new stages), Puppers, and small white coins (of which there are 700 in all). Every stage has an online leaderboard, too, adding to the replay value of Electronic Super Joy 2.

Regarding presentation, the music is largely upbeat and decidedly electronic sounding. There are some tracks that don’t quite match the intensity of the platforming action, but for the most part the soundtrack adds to the experience. The minimalist visuals consist of white and black platforms and characters against vivid and bold background colors, and this contrast works quite well. The sound effects are definitely a thing, as noted earlier, but you can turn them off if it suits you.

Electronic Super Joy 2 is even more of a joy to play than the first game, and it makes a welcome addition to any platforming fan’s Switch library. As long as you know that it’s much more metal than Mario, those seeking a serious and satisfying challenge are sure to find it here. You might not want sexual moaning with your running and jumping, but don’t let that dissuade you from an excellent gameplay experience.


  • Effective presentation elements
  • Online leaderboards and collectables
  • Sublime platforming gameplay
  • Variety of mechanics and stages
  • Checkpoint orgasms aren’t for everyone
  • First-person shooter stages are a miss
  • Hitboxes can seem off at times

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