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Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly (Switch) Review

by Neal Ronaghan - March 6, 2020, 12:32 pm EST
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Turns out eight-player dogfighting on a single screen is fun.

My experience with Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly is unique. At PAX East 2020, Nintendo World Report held a game show panel, Who Wants to Be a Nintendoaire? (check it out at PAX East next year if you go!), and we used Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly as a competitive game to select a contestant for the show. As a surprise eight-player single-screen multiplayer game, Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly is really great. It’s relatively easy to learn and features humorous and enjoyable gameplay. It wound up being a decent crowd pleaser as well, especially as some of the zanier power-ups came into play.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game as a multiplayer-focused experience. Even with smaller numbers of players, the action is still quirky and frantic. Despite the controls and movement being simple to grasp, enough nuance lingers in the controls and mechanics to add depth. Pilot your aircraft with the analog stick and smash that fire button to shoot down your foes. 13 special weapons, such as a giant anvil and a zapping ray, can be selected before each round and used on a regenerating meter. Sometimes their uses are a little confusing, and deploying them on a screen filled with players can be way more finicky than useful. The personality those special weapons add, however, goes a long way. The various animal fighter pilot characters also each have their own charms as well. The aesthetics in this World War-inspired animal-centric setting are adorable and clever. I only wish Snoopy with his Sopwith Camel could join the fray.

While the multiplayer is really fun, the single-player doesn’t provide the same enjoyment. You can play the multiplayer modes with bots, which is totally fine, but aside from that, there isn’t much outside of a training mode. The best part of the single-player experience is having more time to focus on the insane soundtrack, which is this weird mix of early 20th century sounds and ballads about the various animal pilots. Put that on vinyl, please.

If you’re the kind of person who routinely has the chance for eight-player multiplayer sessions (or hosts video game-themed panels at conventions), Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly is a fantastic addition to your Switch library. Aside from that, it’s harder to recommend, but the local multiplayer gameplay can be a riot.


  • Eight-player local multiplayer
  • Humorous and clever aesthetic
  • It’s got multiplayer bots
  • Little single-player content

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Genre Party/Parlor
Players1 - 8

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na: Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly
Release Mar 04, 2020
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