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Quell Memento (3DS) Review

by Bryan Rose - February 5, 2015, 4:09 pm EST
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Reminiscing of memories past.

If you have an attic, a basement, or just a storage place where you keep lots of treasured mementos from your past, you'll instantly know what it's like to check these places after a number of years and suddenly be filled with memories that were buried away within the mind years ago. Quell Memento, a new 3DS eShop game, deals with these kinds of situations. The main character, an old man who is remembering a story from his past, helps further the story when more puzzles are being solved. The game is quite simple, and not too overly challenging, but the presentation and story are unique in a surprising way.

The puzzles all have an easy goal- to mark specific squares blue in order to advance to the next round. This isn't hard to do at all, but as the game continues, a number of obstacles impede your progress, such as trap squares and gold balls that stop you if you go at them at the wrong time. The difficulty curve ramps up, but never in a frustrating way. The gameplay can be quite varied at times, with different settings and mechanics (such as using two balls to solve puzzles, or moving around blocks) introduced regularly. Each level feels like something new and refreshing.

The presentation itself is a nice touch that gives the game a classier feel that I haven't seen often in other eShop titles. It can be a bit sombering at times, considering the story the man tells as well as the somewhat depressing music playing as you solve the puzzles. I can understand where some people might be turned off by playing a game that's sad at times, but I enjoyed it. With eShop titles, you get to tell stories that aren't often told on regular retail software due to consumer interest. Quell Memento, with it's unique story and presence along with solid gameplay, manages to achieve it's own identity in the Nintendo eShop market.


  • Interesting story
  • Solid gameplay mechanics
  • Music and mood a bit too depressing at times


NemoFebruary 06, 2015

How does the game actually play? Do you use touch screen controls?

Is there another game that you could compare the gameplay to?

Quote from: Nemo

How does the game actually play? Do you use touch screen controls?

Is there another game that you could compare the gameplay to?

No touch screen controls. The D-Pad is used to control the ball(s) around the screen,

Off the top of my head I can't really think of a game that's similar to Quell Memento. There's lots of puzzlers out on the eShop that I've played (Hazumi, Blok Drop, etc.) but this seems different than the others. If you've played a game where it's required you highlight all tiles to a matching color, then that would be it, just with more traps and puzzles that would hinder progress.

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Developer FK Digital,
Fallen Tree Games Ltd.

Worldwide Releases

na: Quell Memento
Release Jan 16, 2015
PublisherCIRCLE Ent.

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