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Wii U GamePad Accessory Set

by Nicholas Bray - December 5, 2012, 3:51 pm PST
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If you are looking for a good screen protector for your GamePad, Nintendo has you covered.

I recently passed by my local electronics store and I went to the Nintendo section to see what was on offer following the Wii U launch. One of the first things I noticed in the hardware section was a Nintendo-branded screen protector kit. The package also came with a cleaning cloth and a larger stylus for the GamePad. The box also lets people know that there is no GamePad included.

The screen protector itself is wedged between two outer protective layers to keep it nice and clean. To apply the protector, you must peel off the back layer, which is split down the middle and you can then carefully place the sticky side down onto the screen. This is made relatively easy by having two tabs on the edges of the top protective layer. After you are pleased with the alignment, it is just a simple matter of peeling back the top part using the tabs.

This protector has no reflection glare and boasts high transparency for clear vision. Apparently it is also bubble resistant. Once I had it applied, the screen protector was not noticeable at all, the only way to tell is that there is still a tiny  gap on one side of the screen that is uncovered. It was very easy to get it to stick without any of those annoying bubbles and uneven areas that usually appear too.

The cleaning cloth that came with it is also quite good, and has a nice feel to it. The cloth is not a completely smooth microfiber one either, as it has a slightly textured surface. It cleaned up some dirt marks well, although if the cloth cannot remove some marks, there are two clear cleaning stickers that can be utilized to peel off anything that remains. They can also be used to clean the adhesive side of the screen protector if you make a mistake.

Lastly, the package also contains a larger stylus. It feels good and is coloured blue and white. I intend to use this stylus more from now on, but the only downside is that it cannot be stored inside the GamePad for obvious reasons.

Overall I am quite impressed with the full package, it features everything you would need to get your GamePad screen nicely protected. Here in Australia it was not too expensive either, retailing for $14 (around $14 US). I think that the only possible downside is that the pack only includes one protector, so if something tragic happens and it is unusable, you would have to buy another.


  • Easy to apply screen protector
  • Stylus is comfortable
  • Only one screen protector



joshnickersonDecember 05, 2012

Nifty! I like the idea of a bubble resistant overlay... I dunno how many times I've attempted to use a protector on my DS, only to have a tiny bubble show up. I'll need to pick one of these up whenever it is that I buy a Wii U.

Boo_BusterDecember 06, 2012

One minuscule piece of dust is the bane of all screen applicators! I am very picky when it comes to these, and the process is very delicate. It is as close to open heart surgery as I ever want to get.

MiyamotoDecember 06, 2012

Would have to strongly disagree with the reviewer. The tabs on the protector are so firmly attached that they need to be removed with scissors rendering them redundant, the screen itself is flawed, the cloth is of poor quality and leaves blue residue afrer use, the stylus is an unnecessary redundance and it's way too expensive. 2/10. Ignore the review and avoid the product. 5 protectors can be bought from ebay for 25% of the cost.

Wow, well like I described in the review it all went really smoothly for me. The tabs at the side arent just tabs either as the whole front is a protective layer, I'm surprised you needed to resort to scissors to remove it. The blue cloth also did not leave any residue at all, and I used it quite a bit.

Maybe some are just dodgy?

MiyamotoDecember 08, 2012

Ah, I may owe you an apology. Looks like I messed up with the screen application. Yeah, the screen is top quality and does the job. Rest of the criticism still stands though. Sorry again for being a doofus.

I also strongly disagree with the review.
As mentioned earlier, the cleaning cloth leaves a blue dusty residue behind and leaves the screen dirtier than it started, the stylus is completely unnecessary and the overall experience was nightmarish.
Noticed a small fleck of blue dust remaining while halfway through application and I tried to clean it using my glasses cloth, and the protector involuntarily peeled off its handle/tab layer by itself and fell onto the screen, trapping the dirt underneath. The included troubleshooting method showing use of sticky tape to remove the protector is completely ineffectual, the dusty protector is irreversibly stuck there unless I want to risk scraping it off with a small blade - which I certainly don't.

Terrible, terrible quality and surprisingly so - I expected much better from an official Nintendo product.
Down $14, up a ruined GamePad. I should have stuck with Hori, avoid this one like the plague.

Hm this is not good...

I don't know what to think now as I really did not have any problems. My GamePad screen was fairly clean to begin with, it only had some marks I needed to apply a bit of pressure on to get rid of. I also spent a bit of time cleaning out the edges of the screen. I am crazy meticulous when applying protectors though.

I'm sorry to hear you guys had these problems.

StogiDecember 13, 2012

You're an absolute failure of a person. I feel bad for just knowing you.

Ok, I went back and used the cloth on 3 other devices just to make sure. I used it on my DS Lite/ DSi and my iPhone screen. I wiped them over quite a bit to see if any residue was being left, I did not see anything come off.

Also Andrew, it may be possible to remove the protector by gently lifting up a corner. Try something thin but not to sharp, usually once you can get a little grip on these things they will peel off fairly easily. Then at least you could try and remove the dirt and lay it back down. Or just leave it off.

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