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Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures

by Nate Andrews - September 12, 2011, 6:13 pm EDT
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Mama takes her formula to the great outdoors, with a few changes.

Mama’s already burgeoning list of hobbies, activities and teachable skills will be receiving a significant addendum with her latest batch of lighthearted mini-games in Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures. 

As the title suggests, the successful series, known for its simulation-through-mini-game recipe and myriad spin-offs, is expanding Mama’s inexhaustible zest for activities into the previously untapped nature market for this umpteenth iteration. As with many of the previous Mama games, Outdoor Adventures relies heavily on the DS’s stylus and touchscreen as a means of completing the various activities and games it dishes out in the wilderness setting. In an expansion of the series’ gameplay, however, the island and camp site occupied by Mama and her family—Papa, son Ringo, and daughter Ichigo—serve as hubs for further points of exploration.

While the game’s large assortment of mini-games—over 100 in all—is still presented in a traditional, non-contextual format from the menu screen, the new focus present in Camping Mama is its quasi-adventure mode. After choosing one of Mama’s children to play as, the player is able to visit the previously mentioned hubs to play through the thirty-eight available levels.

Once an area is chosen, Mama doles out sundry tasks and chores to the player, which can be completed within the confines of the respective environment. This swath of land is presented in an overhead view reminiscent of Pokemon or the 2D Legend of Zelda games. Exploring and interacting with each area, as well as completing Mama’s requests, is incorporated into opening up opportunities for new activities and mini-games, such as chopping wood, crafting, rock climbing, spelunking, and even cooking, as well as collecting insects, fossils, treasure and other items, many of which are funneled into the in-game scrap book. 

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Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures Box Art

Genre Simulation
Developer Office Create

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Release Sep 13, 2011
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