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Wii Fit Plus

by Francesca DiMola - June 2, 2009, 6:44 pm EDT
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Wii Fit Plus adds new features and exercises to the popular series.

In response to the incredible global success of Wii Fit, and the ever increasing popularity of fitness games, Nintendo has announced Wii Fit Plus, a sequel that expands upon their popular franchise.

While some of the more specific details concerning Wii Fit Plus were kept under wraps, we learned a number of interesting facts about the upcoming title.

First, unlike its predecessor, Wii Fit Plus allows players to access their favorite, and most used, exercises and store them within a locker room. Originally, players had to exit in and out of several menus in order to reach their next desired exercise. Now, several workouts can be stored in one area for convenient access.

In addition to the locker room, details concerning the workouts themselves have been revealed. Wii Fit Plus will contain six new yoga workouts, as well as fifteen other new exercises to choose from. Some of these new exercises include juggling, skateboarding, dodging cannonballs, and Perfect 10: an exercise in which players must move their bodies in order to hit oncoming numbers that will ultimately need to total the number ten.

The last detail revealed about the upcoming title is the total calorie counter. Unlike Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus will not just tally the total calories burned for one game and then reset the counter, but rather it will keep track of all the calories burned throughout a workout session.

Wii Fit Plus will be available for purchase during Q3 2009 with or without a bundled balance board. A prospective MSRP has yet to be announced.


My wife will dig this, but I will not. I'll be busy playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii (NSMBW).

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Genre Simulation
Developer Nintendo

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na: Wii Fit Plus
Release Oct 04, 2009
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Release Oct 01, 2009
RatingAll Ages
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Release Oct 30, 2009
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