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Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law

by Steven Rodriguez - September 22, 2007, 4:31 pm EDT
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Bummed that the TV show is no more? Capcom is on the case.

If you're a fan of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Capcom's DS lawyer-game series, you have probably wished you'd see the game make the jump to the Wii. Trauma Center did it, so why not Phoenix? Well, it's finally happening ... just not in the way you were expecting it.

Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law was a long-running animated series that aired during Cartoon Network's Adult Swim late-night block of shows. A parody of Hanna-Barbara cartoons, it starred Harvey Birdman as an ex-superhero-turned-lawyer taking on bizarre cases, ranging from Shaggy and Scooby-Doo being arrested for possession to the Jetsons suing the Earth of the past because of global warming in the future. The series ended this year, but it left long-time fans wanting more.

So, let's see ... the Phoenix Wright games feature a lawyer going through the process of collecting evidence and going through a trial. The Harvey Birdman series features a lawyer going through a trial with hilarious results. What do you think would happen if you put the two together?

The Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law game is a marriage of Capcom's lawyering gameplay with Cartoon Network's lawyering hilarity. It's not hard to see that they dovetail with each other perfectly. (Phoenix and Birdman also have the bird thing going on, which is an interesting coincidence.) The gameplay will consist of touring crime scenes, collecting evidence, interviewing characters, and then applying the information gathered in the courtroom to try to uncover the truth. It'll be pretty much like the Phoenix Wright games, in other words.

The difference, of course, will be the environment in which you do your sleuthing. Billed as a sort of "fifth season" of the show, the Harvey Birdman game will feature the same animation, characters, voices, and wild story situations as its TV big brother. There will be five cases to play through in the Birdman game, so that's like getting five new episodes of the show. If you thought that the show was hilarious, that can only be a good thing.

Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law will be available on the Wii next month.


As with The Wright games, the text (or maybe voices in this case) will make or break it, assuming the programmers do their job. If the writers of this game can capture (1) the humor from the show and (2) concoct decent mysteries, I don't see why this wouldn't be an awesome game. Note that the show doesn't *really* focus on trials/evidence, so this game could be a more complete Birdman experience than the show!

that Baby guySeptember 22, 2007

What bothers me is that nearly every scene/preview/clip of the game usually has only one character on screen. The show hinges on things happening in rapid-fire speed for humorous results, and this, too me causes the look of the game so far to be off balance and out of sync. If you watch a clip somewhere, tell me what you think, because it just doesn't feel right.

WindyManSteven Rodriguez, Staff AlumnusSeptember 22, 2007

Try this trailer, I had a good laugh with it.


I love the show, own the DVDs, etc. Still, going to sit on this. Wait, for news of goodness.

wanderingSeptember 23, 2007


Originally posted by: WindyMan
Try this trailer, I had a good laugh with it.


Wow...this game really IS Phoenix Wright, except with less likable characters.

I hope Stephen Colbert is in this. He was the best thing about the show.

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