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Sega Reorganization Details

by Steven Rodriguez - July 23, 2003, 12:13 pm EDT
Total comments: 7 Source: Mainichi (Japanese)

Three mergers, a merger and a split, a new developer and a lone survivor. Sega hopes this is the winning formula for future success.

Sega has announced some details on the reorganization of its development studios. Where it was originally reported that some would be closed and others created, it has turned out that more merging than closing will take place, with the true creation of only one new developer.

Six of the original nine Sega developers will combine into three new ones, while Amusment Vision and Smile Bit will each supply talent to two studios made up of their developers. Sega-AM2 will stay put. The biggest story to come from all of this is that Yu Suzuki will be forming his own development studio under the Sega wing. It's still unnammed, and it's unknown where his development team will come from.

Each of Sega's seven new development studios will concentrate their development on a specific type of game. For instance, Wow and Overworks will make games suitable for all ages, while one of the AV/Smile Bit groups will make nothing but sports games. Sega hopes that this sort of approach will help them streamline game development and prove more efficient in the future.

Here's a quick summary of what the new Sega seven is going to look like, when the reorganization is complete later this year:

  • Sonic Team and United Game Artists

  • Hitmaker and Sega Rosso

  • Wow and Overworks

  • Parts of Amusement Vision and Smile Bit

  • Parts of Amusement Vision and Smile Bit

  • Sega-AM2

  • Yu Suzuki's New Studio


BonzeemerJuly 23, 2003

This is just wishfull thinking,but I would love to
see Sega join Nintendo.God,those two companies
under one roof.*drools*

NotRimmerJuly 23, 2003

I didn't think it was possible, but Windy did it again! He REPEATEDLY misspelled Amusement in Amusement Vision. Yep, that sure makes you guys look real professional like. That, and not correcting the mistakes he made in the other article. Then he went on to misspell definitely in the staff comments section. That just makes me want to slit my wri

ThePermJuly 24, 2003

lets us ow our head and pray windy becomes aweosem in spelling

DjunknownJuly 24, 2003

Typos aside, Sega may be on their way back out of the proverbial gutter.

In slightly unrelated news, for those who follow Shenmue and are dying for more; it probably now seems plausible(Yu Suzuki has his own studio, Shenmue is his life's work, hmmmm...). Rumors that Shenmue III may go multiplatform because of XBoX's lackluster sales (Take it with a grain of salt though but still..) so who knows? I can see GC owners all over this; it seems to be their type of game.

Its odd that Visual Concepts wasn't mentioned. Or is it because they are an American division and they are left to their own devices?

nolimit19July 24, 2003

o who are we kidding sega is still screwed!

RABicleJuly 25, 2003


Splitting up Amusement Vision seems sad, Monkey Ball and Daytona USA could be gone forever, and in their place.. sport, what a lousy trade off, I'ld rather play REAL sport, you know where you get hurt and pffed out and have fun? That one.
Overworks and Wow is the one I'm interested in though. It seems an odd combonation, seeing as Wow's biggest games were the House of The Dead games and Overworks with Skies of Arcadia, seems an odd mix. I would've just dissolved WoW and put Sonic Team with Overworks.

PlugabugzJuly 26, 2003

I'm concerned for Monkey Ball really. One of Nintendo's best 100% GCN Third-Party Developers (who also makes a lot of cash for Sega), is being split. Their talent is then turned to sport??

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