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Great GBA games info!!!

by Michael Cole - June 10, 2001, 10:08 pm EDT

What's this?! A store broke the release date of GBA? And there is a super-cool deal for GBA games?!!!!! CHECK IT OUT!

I got quite an interesting e-mail just now... Here it is:

The Electronics Boutique in Federal Way, WA gave out their GBAs today, though

I wasn't lucky enough to have pre-orded there. They also have a deal:

exchange 4 GB or GBC games for 1 brand new GBA game. Just thought Id let you

know. I exchanged 12 games for Tony Hawk, GT Advance, and Castlevania. I

didnt know which email to pick, so I selected this one. Thanks for providing

us with such a great site!


Woah! Thanks, Daniel! Although breaking the date by one day isn't a biggie, this trade-in is!

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