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Cheap GBA's and games!

by Billy Berghammer - June 9, 2001, 4:19 pm EDT

Music to your ears? Want to get a cheaper GBA and new games that are actually on sale? PGC's got you and your wallet covered!

Target Stores across the USA are going to be selling the Game Boy Advance for $89.99, and Super Mario Advance and F-Zero: Maximum Velocity for $25.88! Check your Sunday paper for the ad!

Not only that but if you get the GBA at Target, they'll toss in free headphones! Get Mario or F-Zero and you'll get a free game wallet! Free stuff is good, but supplies are limited. So get there early!

One other thing...Target isn't selling systems until Wednesday, June 13th.


here to find the Target nearest you! I would suggest giving your local store a call.

Also some other cheap prices at Target:

Chu Chu Rocket: $33.88

Iridion -3D-: $34.88

Earthworm Jim: $34.88

Rayman Advance: $34.88

Ready 2 Rumble - Round 2: $34.88

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